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Date:  Tue, 9 Jan 2001 11:45:59 -0600
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We were not aware that our web site placed cookies on other computers.  We
have investigated the situation and found that this started happening after
we installed a program called "Microsoft Site Server" on our web server a
couple of months ago.  Obviously, since we were not aware that the site
server was causing cookeies to be placed, we haven't been intentionally
collecting any of our visitors' personal information.  We de-installed the
software that performs that task.

Jim Shipley
City Manager
City of Cookeville

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From: geoff davidian []
Sent: Monday, January 08, 2001 9:40 AM

Dear Mr. Shipley,

I sent this message to you and it appears that you have blocked email from
me. If any records are destroyed as a result of you not getting a request it

would be unfortunate for the public's right to know, as I am sure you agree.

This is a request pursuant to TCA 10-7-503 et seq for access to all logs
generated by city government computers showing:

1. written policy regarding the placement of "cookie' files on the computers
of visitors to the city's website;
2. logs and any other information obtained through the setting of cookies;
3. The identities of all persons on whose computers city cookies have been
4. Records showing the date city computers began setting cookies;
5. Any agreement or authority the city has obtained from Microsoft to place
its cookies on the computers of others; and
6. Any authorization you may have from netscape or other browser developers
to utilize their product to advance the usage of Microsoft's property.

Please safeguard these files until I come to Cookeville to inspect them.
Please do not photocopy or duplicate them in any way that will require
payment without first alerting m.

Thank you for again providing access to Cookeville's public records.


Geoff Davidian
The Putnam Pit <>
Cookeville's Ministry of Information