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Los Lobos head east:

 One of the most diverse bands in the country wins over MerleFest and the Bluegrass/Newgrass crowd



Rocker at heart; poet by nature

Back at Milwaukee's Shank Hall, East Nashville's stoner laureate says his words aren't coming as easily these days


Todd Snider

Wilkesboro, NC has just 3,413 residents, but it can teach Milwaukee something about music festival

 Irish Fest favorites Scythian have earned their stripes, here and at other festivals


Dan Fedoryka, left, Alexander Fedoryka and Josef Crosby of the band Scythian help MerleFest draw tens of thousands of visitors to the Appalachian town of Wilkesboro, NC for four days in April.


Livin' the Blues
Canned Heat's drummer relives Denver bust

Book blames corrupt cops for planting drugs on the powerful boogie band

Even though it was hard work playing with three bands, I was living my dream.

I joined the musician's union. I'm making money. I'm a straight-arrow, who's in love with his wife. I have my brand new muscle car, a Pontiac Firebird 400. What more could a man want?

Adolofo Fito' de la Para, drummer from Canned Heat
Fito de la Parra on drums
Photo by Geoff Davidian

It was at this point that Frank Cook was starting to pull away from Canned Heat.