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Cookeville and Putnam County, Tennessee

The Putnam Pit
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    Andrews v. Cookeville City of, et al

    Filed: 05/19/00
    Assigned to: Judge William J. Haynes, Jr.
    Jury demand: Defendant
    Referred to: Magistrate Judge Joe B. Brown
    Demand: $0,000
    Nature of Suit: 442
    Lead Docket: None
    Jurisdiction: Federal Question
    Dkt # in Circt Ct/Putnam Co : is 00J0135
    Cause: 28:1441 Notice of Removal- Employment Discrimination

    BOBBY G. ANDREWS                  Richard Marshall Brooks
         pltf                         [COR LD NTC]
                                      P O Box 255
                                      Carthage, TN 37030
                                      (615) 735-0807
         deft                         [COR LD NTC]
                                      Watson, Hollow & Reeves, P.L.C.
                                      1700 First Tennessee Plaza
                                      P O Box 131
                                      800 S Gay Street
                                      Knoxville, TN 37901-0131
                                      (423) 637-1700
    ROBERT TERRY, in his official     Pamela L. Reeves
    capacity as Police Chief for      (See above)
    the City of Cookeville, TN        [COR LD NTC]

    DATE     #                   DOCKET     ENTRY
    5/19/00  1       NOTICE OF REMOVAL (w/ attachments) by all defts from
                     Circuit Court/Putnam County; Case Number: 00J0135 (af)
                     [Entry date 05/22/00]
    5/19/00  2       NOTICE of filing notice of removal to Putnam County Circuit
                     Court Clerk by defts (af) [Entry date 05/22/00]
    5/19/00  3       NOTICE of Initial Case Management Conference Case referred
                     to Magistrate Judge Joe B. Brown, ; Case Management
                     Conference set for 11:00 a.m. on 6/26/00 (af)
                     [Entry date 05/22/00]
    5/22/00  --      REMARK - Copy of Notice of ICMC sent to counsel of record
    6/8/00   4       ORDER by Magistrate Judge Joe B. Brown; Initial Case
                     Management Conference is reset for 9:00 6/9/00 by telephone
                     to be initiated by counsel for the pltf. (cc: all counsel)
                     (EOD 6/8/00) (jb)
    6/8/00   5       ANSWER by defts City of Cookeville & Robert Terry to
                     complaint [1-1] (jb)
    6/9/00   6       INITIAL CASE MANAGEMENT ORDER by Magistrate Judge Joe B.
                     Brown; Initial Case Management Conference held 6/9/00;
                     Discovery ddl set for 11/30/00; Dispositive Motion filing
                     ddl is set for 1/16/01; Telephonic Case Management
                     Conference set 9:30 10/2/00; File sent to District Judge
                     to set trial date. (cc: all counsel) (EOD 6/9/00) (jb)
    6/30/00  7       ORDER by Judge William J. Haynes Jr.; Jury Trial set for
                     9:00 9/25/01; Joint Proposed Pretrial Order ddl 8/31/01;
                     Pretrial Conference set 2:00 9/10/01 (cc: all counsel)
                     (EOD 7/5/00) (jb) [Entry date 07/05/00]
    10/3/00  8       ORDER by Magistrate Judge Joe B. Brown; Case Management
                     Conference held 10/2/00; The pltf shall respond to the
                     motion for summary judgment 30 days after such motion is
                     filed. Additionally, the pltf is requested to file any
                     motion to remand so that both motions may be heard by the
                     District Court at the same time. (cc: all counsel) (EOD
                     10/4/00) (jb) [Entry date 10/04/00]

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