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The great straddler Free trader President Clinton veers left in Seattle. But will his finesse be enough to keep Al Gore's Democratic Party intact?
By Todd Gitlin - 12/03/99

A WTO delegate's story While the city raged, I just wanted to get home to my kids
By Lisa Guide - 12/03/99

Benign cooperation -- or New World Disorder? The WTO, World Bank and IMF are merging. That's scary

By Monte Paulsen - 12/03/99

Reports from the Front:
AlterNet's Breaking Coverage of the WTO

WTO Primer

Check out the International Forum on Globalization's excellent WTO primer, which details the powers, structure, rules and values of the trade body.

The Siege of Seattle Continues
by Roni Krouzman, Original to AlterNet
Seattle remained under martial law on Thursday, as the WTO continued its ministerial meetings and Seattle Police resorted to violence and mass arrests to keep protesters off of the city's streets. The latest update from the Emerald City.

Bare Breasts, Green Condoms and Rubber Bullets
by David Moberg, Salon
The WTO has united labor and the radical, countercultural left in a way the anti-war movement never could.

Anti-WTO protesters have shut Seattle down.
While a 'state of emergency' clamps down on the city for the second night, the people's newsroom at the Independent Media Center is buzzing. More than 400 IMC media producers are now collaborating to post, uplink, and print their stories of protest, analysis, outrage, and hope.
Armed with cell phones, laptop computers, tape recorders, cameras, and a shoestring budget, media activists are using the Center's website at to broadcast their stories. Video interviews and street footage are edited and uplinked to satellite, and articles are being published in The Blind Spot daily.
[independent media centre]


By Norman Solomon

SEATTLE -- After enjoying a free ride in American news media for many years, the World Trade Organization just hit a brick wall. The credit should go to a vast array of civic activists -- represented by tens of thousands of protesters from every continent who took to the streets here with determined nonviolence.

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