In his Oct. 4 deposition in Putnam Pit v. Cookeville, Tennessee's 13th Judicial District Attorney General William E. Gibson swears that no agency has made "a firm finding" that the fire that caused the death of Darlene Eldridge was arson:
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1 Q. And what determination was made with
2 respect to whether it was an arson?
3 A. There were a lot of agencies involved
4 and various determinations. I don’t think there was ever
5 a firm finding that it was the result of an arsonist.
6 think at one point the fire marshal’s office may have
7 suggested that and then changed their opinion.
8 I know for a fact that there was never a suspect
9 developed or a motive. The Cookeville Police Department
10 did extensive work on it and then as I said earlier, at
11 the request of the family, the T.B.I. came in to follow
12 certain leads that the family suggested might be viable
13 that were overlooked intentionally by the police
14 department. The T.B.I. investigated it. And there has
15 never been a finding by those agencies that it was an
16 arson or that it was a murder.
17 Q. So with respect to the implication that
18 the killer has not been prosecuted, was there ever a
19 suspect identified?
20 A. There’s never been a suspect
21 identified.
Click here for Page 17 of Gibson's deposition in .pdf format 
But official documents and public records contradict Mr. Gibson's sworn testimony: