The Putnam Pit
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Putnam Pit links to David Bohm's observations
Since [David Bohm's] death we have attempted to continue our exploration [into dialogue] in this same direction. These days there are no stars or perceived leaders to whom members of the group can look for aid or advise. Participation has thus come to be seen as a collective undertaking, a mutual responsibility for what goes on -- or what doesn't go on. If someone attempts to control the group process or to guide it toward his or her objectives or personal viewpoint it is incumbent on other members of the group to query this, no matter what authority might be claimed. If an individual in a group feels that the conversation has become stuck, circular or out of line with the intentions of dialogue, then it is important for that person to say so in order that the whole group can look at what is actually happening. The intent is neither to criticise nor to alter what is happening but to try and see how it arises and what it means.
Don Factor