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Estranged son-in-law seeks court protection from
Doug McBroom's daughter, wife after alleged break-in

Allan Brittain asks court for compensation after McBroom's wife, Jane, 'in concert,' with daughter Amy,  'kick in the doors and enter the marital home by force,' removing Brittain's property
COOKEVILLE, Tenn. [May 19, 2000] -- A judge has ordered Putnam County Executive Doug McBroom's wife, Jane, and daughter, Amy Dora Brittain,  to refrain from "going about [Brittain's] marital home for any reason and you are restrained from removing any additional property from the marital home' where Amy Brittain's estranged husband, Allan Thomas Brittain, resides.

According to the temporary restraining order, signed May 8, 2000, "Both parties are restrained from telephoning, annoying, communicating or harassing either directly or indirectly or through the actions of others, whether these others are related to you or acting at your direction or suggestion, wherever Allan Brittain may be." Court documents allege McBroom's wife and daughter plundered Brittain's residence while he was at work, requiring police intervention.

Allan Brittain said he had difficulty getting lawyers to represent him against the McBroom family, which he said had a lot of influence because of the county executive's political clout.

He also said Doug McBroom seemed to have plenty of cash, not only to cover legal costs for his daughter, but to pay for construction work on his residence, including an in-ground swimming pool.

"I don't know how he does it," Brittain said of McBroom's ability to pay cash for construction work. "He only makes $3,000 more than me and I can't afford it."

He also said McBroom, who has recently been in the news regarding an illegal contract with a Hendersonville recycling company that illegally obtained exclusive rights to buy all of Putnam County's recyclable cardboard for three years, "barely puts in enough hours at work to be considered even a part time employee." Brittain also alleged the county executive frequently takes trips to South Carolina to play golf.

Questioned about the allegations, Doug McBroom told The Putnam Pit on Friday that he paid $20,000 for the pool about four or five years ago and $12,000 for his used 1979 Mercedes Benz, for both of which he "probably" paid cash -- coming from his savings or checking accounts. "My wife and I have worked our whole lives," he said. McBroom said he never got any money from the recycling deal and that he spent about 30 hours each week in his Court House office. When he's not in his office, he is in meetings or at a county related sire such as a fire station, construction site or the Maintenance Department, he said.

Here are the documents from the legal matters.

1. Temporary restraining order
2. Motion for Permanent Restraining Order
3. Estimate of damage expenses

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