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Coming to Cookeville?
Be sure to visit the Hall of Tampered-with and Under Federal Investigation Documents maintained by the Criminal Court Clerk Lewis Coomer in the Putnam County Injustice Center.
tampered photo -- not what it seems -- tampered photo -- not what it seems -- tampered photo. . . not what it seems . . .
We promise we will come to conclusions based on fact. This means that after an objective look we may intelligently reach a conclusion as to whether a photograph has been tampered with . . .

And we will report it despite threats because the truth is an absolute defense to libel.
We also can provide information on the question of whether Circuit Court Clerk Lewis Coomer's office is overstaffed or overworked;
Overworked or overstaffed?
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. . . whether a grand jury indictment has been tampered with . . . 
. . . Whether money was stolen from Putnam County Jail inmates by illegally adding unauthorized fees to bills of court costs after they were signed by the judge;

. . . Or whether someone has been fixing Lewis Coomer's parking tickets.
Public officials park with impunity
Truth is an absolute defense to libel.
  • What kind of place condones this blatant criminal activity? 
  • What does a decent person do when it appears a friend is a thief?
  • Who wants to move a family to a community that can't guarantee honest government?
  • Who wants to bring a business to a community where political corruption keeps its thumb on its victims' throats?
  • Here's a response from one dear reader 

    While we await a retiring FBI agent's report on a federal investigation of FBI Misconduct Rises by Half
    Bureau Blames Better Reporting, Tougher Standards

    By James Gordon Meek
    50 Percent Rise in FBI Misconduct Cases Reported 
    WASHINGTON ( -- Incidents of misconduct among FBI employees shot up by nearly half last year, according to a report issued by the bureau. The infractions ranged from downloading pornography on bureau computers to a road rage incident in which an agent pulled a weapon on a deputy sheriff during a traffic altercation, the report said.


    How it feels to be short shorn . . .

    Without mention of honor, guts, glory, integrity, ethics, competence or brains . . . 

    How much decency we feel we must cede to satisfy District Attorney General Bill Gibson's seeming, at least to us, after thoughtful consideration, for months and years, with no malice,  something that in the past The Putnam pit would unattractively have called "inferiority 'I-must-control- ,'" sociopath-driven need to prevail. 

    How we feel about DA Gibson prosecuting the Looper murder case
    How we would feel if the case were jeopardized because he insists on prosecuting despite his links to the case.
    How we feel about the chances of Gibson being forced to testify? How we would feel if Gibson were committed to a psychiatric hospital, driven in one of Sheriff Jerry Abston's cars, two weeks before trial, just before he was to testify about setting up Byron Looper; How we'd feel if we had been fed lies? How we would feel if land speculation was behind the killing. How we feel about corruption, conniving and justice disregarded. How we feel about political use of the criminal justice system.

    How would we feel if Burks' killer stays  free because Gibson needs a witness against Looper?
    Bill Gibson: Do we feel there's more to the Tommy Burks murder story! How would you feel if we felt that you are blocking it? Is it your feeling that some people may feel that the killer feels like one of your witnesses? 
    How we feel about what you can tell from a man's eyes?
    Whether or not we feel you can tell whether he was a bad, bad boy?
    Billy's been a bad, bad boy! Shame on Billy.
    Does it feel like Billy's been a bad, bad boy?
    'Did it feel bad when you were feeling you were being a bad, bad boy?' 
    "It didn't feel like I was being bad, bad."
    Click here to feel what it feels like to see a picture of what may be Cookeville's infamous wee-wees
    Heeeeeeerrree's what it feels like when heeeeeeee's back!

    Lordy, Lordy, feels like Sonny Boy is feeling like going after Al Gore, cartoonedly speaking.

    How do you feel Al Gore feels about cartoonists feeling like they can make him feel however they want?

    General Gibson,
    Thank God for little GOBs
    Click icon above for
    c.d. 'SONNY BOY' norman's
    Bob the G.O.B.

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  • Two on job today as students register From the Herald-Citizen




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    'I spit on your first amendment'
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