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Public employee phone numbers

In Cookeville, the government thinks the public should not know about its crimes. People like City Manager Jim Shipley and Putnam County Court Clerk Lewis Coomer want you to think the messenger is against Cookeville and Putnam County. But the record shows that they are lying to you. Like liars everywhere, they are forced to try to discredit the source. But look at the record.

You are paying for their actions. How much so far? Make a request for public records and find out. Call these people. If they do not return your calls, call them at home. If they do not answer, call them late at night.  They are supposed to work for you; they are not serving you when they lie and steal. Public employment is service, not privilege. If they do not respond, click here for The Putnam Pit's ouster petition.

Names and addresses of Cookeville public employees

Charles Womack, Mayor
4 yr. Term
526-7608 R
526-3183 FAX
859 Lowland Road 8/2002
Richard Grogan, V-Mayor
4 yr. Term
526-6984 R
520-0112 FAX
522 Saddle Lane 8/2002
Dwight Henry
4 yr. Term
528-8201 R
520-8142 FAX
1320 Charles Street 8/2002
Steve Copeland
4 yr. Term
526-1060 R
528-1111 W
528-7030 FAX
821 E. 10th Street 8/2002
Harold Jackson
4 yr. Term
528-3622 R
520-4979 FAX
725 Friar Tuck Lane 8/2002


Jim Shipley
City Manager
528-7767 R 806 Shanks Avenue AT WILL OF BOARD
Stephanie Miller
City Clerk/Fin. Dir.
520-0923 R 87C Westgate Circle AT WILL OF BOARD
T. Michael O'Mara
City Attorney
2 yr. Term
526-1700 R
526-8812 W
590 Hillwood Drive
317 W. Spring Street
David Ledbetter
City Judge
2 yr. Term
528-6228 R
526-6131 W
419 N. Jefferson Avenue
24 N. Jefferson Avenue


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