There's nothing sweet  about Comfort Suites in Cookeville, Tenn.

They call themselves 'Comfort Suites' and they Comfort Suitesadvertise a '100% satisfaction guarantee.' But just wait until you try to get what they promise.

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. [April 25, 1999] -- From the window of room 219, the Comfort Suites sign is about the biggest thing in sight. The only problem -- beside the aesthetic one -- is that
room 219 is just that: a room.

There is a bed, a chair, a foot stool, a desk, a television, a bathroom, a dresser, two bedside tables and four lamps. It is one of six accommodations at the establishment that does not qualify as a suite, according to the employee who quickly slammed the phone down when asked her name.

Why the paranoia?

Maybe it's because assistant manager Jennifer McCracken's card states: "ALL SUITES" in capital letters. And you don't find out that this is not the case until you have signed a promise to pay. Even the corporate Internet site advertises this property as having "ALL SUITES."

Suppose you went to a place called "Church of Christ" and it was a satanic center, or to a vegetarian restaurant where you were served meat? Would you expect some relationship between the advertisement and the reality?

Don't expect it in Cookeville. And don't expect them to honor your 100% satisfaction guarantee, either. Because although they advertise all suites and although you may expect it, your dissatisfaction is not covered by their guarantee.

If you have been ripped off in Cookeville, let us know by email.

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