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The Ministry of Information of 
Cookeville and Putnam County, Tennessee

The Putnam Pit
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      I guess we ran up quite a legal bill, huh? Shipley never had the guts to say.
    Putnam Pit 's Tour of Living Governmental Corruption and Incompetence

    Special hospitality walking tour for visiting journalists:

    Includes maps showing Looper's old office in the Court House, District Attorney General Bill Gibson's real big sign, Cookeville City Hall and council chambers/traffic court, Cookeville Police Department [with possible glimpse of Chief Bob 'Smut Boy' Terry], Putnam County Justice Center [Home of the altered grand jury indictments and strict dress code for defendants], Putnam County Court Clerk Lewis 'The Thief' Coomer's Office, Putnam County Court House, County Executive's Office and Putnam County Jail [home of the famous shoe-lace suicides]. Includes a discount at the Willow Tree Lounge on a Pit Bull on Crack -- the official drink commemorating the second drunk driving arrest of City Councilman Harold Jackson.
    For information and reservations, email Fabulous Living Corruption Tour <>
    Looking to start a business in a growing Tennessee community with little racial diversity, below average per capita income,  where one in six persons lives below the poverty level while 10 dozen city employees drive government cars home and officials scheme to stop public records of their actions from being released? Looking to be near a hospital with millions in construction cost overruns that has become a taxing district because administrators can't raise enough through provided services? Looking for a county with below average expenditures for education? Do you like lap-dog daily newspapers whose reporters eat pizza donated by incumbent politicians? 
    Welcome to Cookeville, Tenn., home of the Phabulous Wee-Wees
    University of Tennessee, Center for Literacy Studies


    A great place for businesses that thrive where corruption exists law firms: You could not find a better place to start a law practice dealing with civil rights abuses by municipal and county officials than Cookeville, Tenn. First off, the self-insurance schemes the local governments participate in guarantee you all the money you want because there is virtually no limit to the amount of tax money officials will pay to get out of charges against them. Not only that, but the self-insurance funds also pay to defend the officials even when they are sued in their individual capacity, not in their official capacity.
    A great place for businesses that thrive on jail suicides funeral homes: Why, just last week, a jail suicide resulted in business for a local undertaker. That could have been your client, had you been in Cookeville and Putnam County, Tennessee.
    A great place for businesses that thrive on disaster


    travel agencies: book your next client's overnight in the Upper Cumberland at Howard Johnson's Motel, where Tim Neill died in a suspicious fire.

    Trips available to view the famous Bill Gibson sign.
    Also, visit the court house where the famous 'cookie case' was filed.

    For more on the attractions in Cookeville, and for more local history,

    e-mail The Putnam Pit

    or visit the city's webpage

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    Per capita income
    High County:  $ 19,339.00
    Putnam County:  $ 11,004.00
    Low County:  $ 6,266.00
    Below poverty level
    High County:  40.00%
    Putnam County:  16.6%
    8,003 persons
    Low County:  5.80%

    Population increase
    Putnam County  Tennessee 
    Population 1990:  51,373 4,877,185
    Population change 1980-90:  7.2% 4.6%
    Percent Urban 1990:  47.3% 60.4%
    Percent Nonwhite: 3.3% 17.6%

    School expenditures per student
    High District:  $ 2,274.00
    Putnam County:  $ 880.00
    Low District:  $ 385.00
    State Average:  $ 1,124.00

    Source: University of Tennessee, Center for Literacy Studies