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Have you paid jailer's fees to Lewis Coomer's office? Do you have a receipt?
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  • Christy

  • More federal trouble for Coomer? Lewis Coomer calls the cops on lawyer, editor, who demanded the right to inspect altered indictment in case involving Coomer's employee as a witness ......
    Size 4K - 1999-08-10
  • The Putnam Pit: Lewis Coomer, you thief. Come and get me
  • Lewey, Lewey Mr. Coomer. I called you a thief. What are you going to do about it? Come on, Mr. Coomer, come and get me.   COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (Jan. 15, 1998) -- Lewis Coomer, the roughly hewn Putnam County ......
    Size 3K - 1999-04-20
  • The Putnam Pit: Postelection opinion
  • In my opinion  Coomer gets away with it -- so far   By GEOFF DAVIDIAN Putnam Pit editor COOKEVILLE, Tenn. [August 10, 1998] - The voters have spoken, but what have they said?   Civil rights lawsuits ......
    Size 4K - 1999-04-20
  • Cookeville: DA Gibson refuses to answer questions about Lewis Coomer's theft of jailer's fees.
  • ... interview with District Attorney General Gibson about why he called the TBI off Court Clerk Lewis Coomer News item: Gibson blocked TBI probe of Lewis Coomer's 'jailer's fee' By SUSAN RICHARDS MICHAEL ......
    Size 5K - 1999-04-20
  • Too busy
  •   Coomer 'too busy' to show records of money stolen by his office COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (Sept. 27, 1999) -- Putnam County Circuit Court Clerk Lewis Coomer said on Friday that he no longer has records showing ......
    Size 3K - 1999-10-03
  • The Putnam Pit: Susan Richards and Geoff Davidian report that Court Clerk Lewis Coomer charged prisoners fees without authorization
  • ... so" the Office of County Audit will make public its findings on whether Circuit Court Clerk Lewis Coomer illegally collected thousands of dollars from felons incarcerated in Putnam County Jail, Director ......
    Size 11K - 1999-04-20
  • The Putnam Pit: Who's lying, Coomer or Abston?
  • Who's lying: Coomer or Abston? Show us the money, boys   Courts may have assessed costs to some prisoners without authority. Now, some want their money back but no-one can find it.   County attorney ......
    Size 6K - 1999-04-20
  • Putnam County, TN Court Clerk Lewis Coomer got 45 tickets; all were made warnings
  • All 45 outstanding tickets were voided    Someone's been messin' with Lewis Coomer's unpaid parking tickets In two years, the Circuit Court Clerk managed to get cited 45 times for illegal parking, but ......
    Size 9K - 1999-04-20
  • The Putnam Pit: The battle for Cookeville's electronic files
  • ... City of Cookeville refuse to provide computer files of parking violations? We already know Lewis Coomer's tickets were fixed; we already know the city cannot collect its fines; we already know the court ......
    Size 5K - 1999-04-20
  • The Putnam Pit: Davidian v. Putnam County, Tenn., and Douglas McBroom, county executive
  • ... for legal fees paid in defense of a federal civil rights suit naming Criminal Court Clerk Lewis Coomer in his official capacity and as an individual. 5. Defendant, Putnam County, refused to allow inspection ......
    Size 8K - 1999-04-20
  • Power Punks
  •   About the Who's lying? Abston or Coomer? FBI searches Coomer's files * About the circuit court clerk * About the property assessor * About Cookeville * About city officials * About the city manager ......
    Size 3K - 1999-05-09
  • fbi4-27-99
  • Court Clerk Lewis Coomer is asked to comment on the FBI investigation at Putnam County Justice Center "You bald-headed sum bitch . . . ," he sneers in response.     If your name was 'Lewis' and you had ......
    Size 6K - 1999-11-01
  • burks
  • Description not available....
    Size 2K - 1999-04-20
  • The Putnam Pit: County officials park illegally, get tickets fixed. About 12,000 tickets unpaid or changed to warnings.
  • ... is limited to the following report: Among the names on the police list: Circuit Court Clerk Lewis Coomer , 249 S. Elm, Cookeville: (44 warnings, 1 unpaid); Putnam County Trustee Gary Maynard, 4788 Moss ......
    Size 6K - 1999-04-20
  • burks.html
  • ... ! Eat your heart out,  Lourdes Gibson blocks TBI investigation of theft by Court Clerk Lewis Coomer, and the drug-related murders of Darlene Eldridge and Tim Neill go unsolved for years. But Gibson and ......
    Size 10K - 1999-11-01
  • fbiprobe
  • ... on April 30 echoed The Pit's report that the investigation involves files in Court Clerk Lewis Coomer's control. It reported the investigation was looking into whether State Highway Patrol speeding tickets ......
    Size 9K - 1999-05-04
  • putnam county audit -- 1998
  • State audit finds Coomer's accounting system allows changes to previous entries without leaving a trail By GEOFF DAVIDIAN Editor of The Putnam Pit COOKEVILLE, Tenn. [Dec. 7, 1999] - Putnam County Circuit ......
    Size 6K - 1999-12-08
  • lowres
  •   If the Democrats continue this crime wave, why should we vote for Al Gore? Mr. Coomer: Are you taking over for the grand jury now? Putnam County Clerk of Criminal Court Lewis Coomer is a big shot. ......
    Size 3K - 1999-08-09
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