Reader offended by Pit's tone, sticks head back in hole

"I love Cookeville so much you shouldn't write the truth about it because it's slanderous although I don't know what that means and anyway why do you have to point out all the negatives when you could be solving the problems that I deny we have unless it's the one about the citizens denying there are problems which I also deny. Maybe if you didn't write about them I wouldn't have to know about it and I'd be relaxed and I'd think everything is OK even if it isn't which I deny. I also deny I'm in denial "

Subject:  My first time

Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 09:57:15 -0600 (CST)



This is the first time that I have even noticed a publication called The Putnam Pit. I happened across it by chance of web tv when I typed in Putnam Star. It was very confusing that this came up in its place.

I decided to read the articles that were available. My curiosity led me to a negative outlook on this publication. I could not believe my eyes.

There was so much humility being placed on the city that I love so much that I realized why a lawsuit would be happening.

I would like to know why there is nothing but slander and opinions in most of the articles that are published. Is there more truth to the paper than just child's play? I believe we are old enough to stop
calling names and placing blame when we could start solving problems.

All I see happening is the creation of an unruly, biased, and opinionated paper that no one will buy.

Subject:  Re: My first time

Date:  Mon, 22 Mar 1999 08:43:41 -0800

From: Geoffrey Davidian <>


Organization:  The Putnam Pit


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Well then, the Putnam Star is the paper for you. You will never see anything negative in it.
It is surprising that you think that because you love your community The Putnam Pit should not point out corruption and injustice.

May I suggest that if you were to approach the Putnam Pit with an open mind and determine whether the facts as stated are true, there would be less to love about your town.

Now if you really love it, start correcting the problems we report.

Incidentally, what is slanderous? Truth is not slander, no matter how distasteful it is to you.

It is full of opinion because the constitution provides the press be free JUST SO THAT ALL OPINIONS MAY BE VOICED.

You voiced yours.

We voice ours.

Stick your head in a hole, if you want, but don't whine to me about what you read because at least I am trying to air the problems, not hide from them because "I love Cookeville so much."

Or are you looking for a picture of your neighbor at the church cake sale?

Thanks for your note.

Geoff Davidian, editor and publisher

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