Both Democratic candidates for DA are named in federal civil rights suits;
Can't the Republicans come up with an alternative?
Where is
Joe Edwards?
Who will be the next top law enforcement officer in the 13th Judicial District? 
Will it be Billy Boy 'I barely made it out of high school and I won't investigate why my good friend and fellow Democrat Lewis ' I can do anything I want' Coomer took all that money from those scum in jail and I misused public money while in office and I didn't win too many cases and I didn't do drugs with murdered school teacher Darlene Eldridge' Gibson?  
Or will it be Mike 'Bloody knife? I didn't know it was in evidence and I know my client benefited from the fact that we couldn't find  
it anywhere and that if we could have found it a man might not have been sentenced to nine and a half years in prison [but the Court of Criminal Appeals reversed that conviction anyway and it was all my partner's fault]' Knowlton? 
Or will it be His Pomposity, thedisingenuous and duplicitous T. Michael 'I'm ashamed of my first name so I go by my pretentious  middle initial and I made plenty helping drag the City of Cookeville into four civil rights cases and I made more than $10,000 prosecuting 
 a single speeding ticket [imagine how much I could make on all those felonies] and my official opinion as city attorney is that my receipts for which I bill my expenses to the city are not public records and I owe it all to Don 'Can I get my felony legal fees reimbursed by the taxpayers?' Wagnon, my mentor and sugar daddy' O'Mara?  
Joseph Edwards: Take out papers in the Democratic primary. If you believe in justice, don't let one of these three prevail. The catastrophe will last eight years. It's not about money, Joe.
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