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shepherd express water works investigation

Booze, Bombs and Porn at the City Water Works

 May 10, 2001
"My first assignment was underground at Linnwood, flushing out the sludge from large tanks with a big fire hose. It was a recovery basin that collects spent wash water-the backwash from the filters. You had to climb down a ladder, about 16 or 18 feet, into a huge, cavernous place about a quarter the size of a football field. It has a musty smell, but you can smell the chlorine, too. You shiver; it's real cold. You have to wear warm clothing. We wore a lot of gear, like yellow rain gear-it had a jacket and bib. I was at the front end of the hose and I was all of 120 pounds. It was all I could do to hold onto the hose. I had to wrap it around me. Another person holds the hose behind to help move it. I turned around to see why it wasn't moving and the other guy was standing on the hose with his bib down and his hands in his pants making masturbation gestures. There were about eight of us down there, and the others were standing around watching and laughing." Story

shepherd express water works investigation
New concerns over employee competence and efficiency at the Milwaukee Water Works are being raised by former employees and others

May 17, 2001
Superintendent Carrie Lewis this week says all her employees "are trained in safety" and receive a "full battery of training on the job," but she could not say whether they could read warning labels on chemicals or even read the names of chemicals they worked with.  Story posts secret Water Works investigation on Internet
Milwaukee City Attorney Grant F. Langley released about 100 pages of the redacted report July 25, three months after we demanded access to it under the state Public Records Act. The report was commissioned with public money after former Water Works employee Nancy Grider filed a harassment charge that later became a federal civil rights case. The city settled this spring. MilwaukeePress.Net is posting the report, censored by the government, on the Internet.

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