How to request Cookeville police records:


Use this form letter:



Cookeville Police Department

10 East Broad Street

Cookeville, TN. 38501


"This is a request for public records pursuant to Tennessee Stats. Annotated 10-7-503 et seq.


"I request records in your possession, whether written, taped, photographed or in any medium whatsoever, regarding --------------.


"Please provide me with copies of those documents. I understand there may be a small charge for copying and mailing.


"Please tell me how many pages are responsive to my demand, and how much you will charge to provide them to me.


"If records in your possession fall within my request but you assert they are exempt from public access, please describe the document, identify the author, provide the date it was created and cite to the specific legal authority for your refusal."


Very truly yours,



State, zip




You can E-mail your request to Nathan Honeycutt ( or fax it to Cookeville Police Department at 1(931)520-5263