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State exactly what the lawyer has done, or failed to do, which you believe is unethical. DESCRIBE YOUR COMPLAINT IN DETAIL. Use the back of this page or attach other pages for more space.

NOTICE: Filing complaints with the Board of Professional Responsibility will not preserve your legal rights and remedies. All legal matters (including legal malpractice) should be preserved by the filing of lawsuits in a court of law, within applicable time limits (statutes of limitations). Filing complaints with the Board will not stop time limits (statutes of limitations) from expiring. You should seek independent legal advice and counsel concerning pursuit of your legal matters. CONFIDENTIALITY: All ethical complaints filed with the Board are confidential until public discipline may be imposed. Therefore, revealing that you have filed a complaint is prohibited, except for the limited purpose of seeking legal advice. (See Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 9, Section 25.)

The information given in this complaint is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I am aware that the lawyer may be notified of my complaint.


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