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Just got thru reading about you in the houston press.  thought I would share a quick story about Putnam Co.  1974  I was hitchhiking with a friend to NY.  I got a ride in Tennessee and the driver told us to be sure to not get on the highway in Cookeville because we would be arrested.

I didn't think much of it until the next ride said he was going to Cookeville.  we asked to be let out before he got to Cookeville.  of course he let us off in Cookeville. We were not on the highway 30 seconds when a Putnam Co. sheriff's car pulled up and told us to get in. Taken to the station where our backpacks etc. were searched and us too.  we were told we could pay $50 a piece and go on our way or see the judge in the morning.

We were young and thought the experience of jail for a day might not be so bad so we decided to spend the night in the Putnam Co. jail.  The worst place I have ever seen. No bed just a piece of foam to lay on in the "bullpen"  a large room with approx.  Fifty people in it.  Lifers had cells but everyone else was in one room. Talked with folks all night.  most were young.  most various drug offenses.  Some had been in jail for 6-12 months without trials. Most had no money but those that did could actually buy a spoon and glasses for their meals.  Worst food.  Cold gravy and bread. Dinner and breakfast.  I was not going to stay another day. Went to see the judge the next day and the fine was $60 plus court costs.  I commented that we could have paid $50 yesterday and I spent a night in jail.  He said they fed you didn't you. We paid and left. There is a lot more to this story but I just wanted to let you know that Putnam Co. is not just recently notorious.
David Q

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