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Public records requests give government employees the willies

Wherever T. Michael O'Mara is, records are hard to get

Now, O'Mara has a new whipping woman -- Deb Harris

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COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (April 28, 2003)
– Like many people across the country, I was outraged by the Jan. 1, 2003 illegal arrest of the Smoak family by the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the shotgun murder of their dog, Patton, by Cookeville Police officer Eric Hall.

So I decided to do something about it. I decided to become more active with our local government and Internet forum it dawned on me that the best way to start was to pull public records to see what was going on with the officials who make decisions that affect our lives.

This has proven to be quite a challenge for me and I can see why most citizens do not bother to take advantage of the state Public Records Act. It has been time-consuming, expensive and frustrating to say the least. Yet, it seemed to me that if we give public officials full control to do anything without questioning or monitoring them, aren't we just as guilty for things like what happened to the Smoaks?  Story

Is this man out of touch with reality? How important can a job be that he clings to it regardless of consequences and common decency?

Cookeville Mismanager
 Jimmy Dale Shipley
'If you have any questions about our fine city, you can visit with me via e-mail at, or give me a call at (931) 520-5240. You may also want to call our Chamber of Commerce at (931) 526-2211. YA’LL COME’N SEE US, NOW YA HEAR!'

Who will be Jimmy Dale's next victim?

Better hurry. If you're not here you'll miss out on your chance to have your rights violated, be annexed against your will, be discriminated against on the basis of your age, censored, shot by a drunk cop, charged to obtain doctored public records, handcuffed at shotgun point on an Interstate 40 shoulder while your puppy's head is blown off, falsely accused of sexual harassment, denied government benefits on the basis of your viewpoint or have your utilities turned off in the dead of winter although you owe no money. Welcome to Cookeville, where nothin' means nothin' and Jimmy Dale is responsible but protects.


Lawyers investigate Gibson's role
DA's name on letter raises questions in “pyramid” scheme

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (April 21, 2003) – When Robert Clark went to his mailbox late last month and saw “Bill Gibson” as the sender of the white envelope, “I recognized his name as the district attorney general and thought it was going to be a jury summons notice or something,” the 34-year-old former Army fuel systems and aircraft maintenance sergeant recalled.

Sgt. Clark in Korea, 1992

 Now, Clark and others wonder whether the DA is using his office to endorse a pyramid scheme.  Click here for Story

How Shipley destroyed Cookeville

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Is Darlene Eldridge's killer up this man's nose?

Hmmm. What's this little bugger dong up here?'In my viewpoint, not only do i know what a paragraph is but the Putnam Pit tells nothing but lies, like when it reported that I denied using cocaine, which I did,' District Attorney General Bill 'Hoot' Gibson more or less said.  


More bad news for city, Chief Terry

Federal appeals court reverses, remands Bobby Andrews v. Cookeville

In what is becoming an old story, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit on April 3, 2003 told a federal judge in Nashville that he was mistaken when he granted summary judgment to the City of Cookeville and Chief Bob Terry in an age discrimination case. City lawyers had touted the victory over Andrews, a law enforcement officer, after the district judge erred in their favor, but City Manager Jim Shipley and his tax-paid legal team were quiet when the court reversed summary judgment and remanded the case for further proceedings, as was their lap-dog, the Hair-Oiled Citroën. Does this mean that like George Foreman, Police Chief Bob Terry doesn't know when to quit? Court's per curiam Opinion

 Want more proof of incompetent government? Follow the Milwaukee lawsuit against Cookeville's city attorney, city manager, computer systems guru and Knoxville lawyer John Duffy, of the firm Watson & Hollow, who allegedly hacked a Web site critical of their incompetence and corruption

Cookeville's new public relations spokesman, the former
Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf:
'Lying is forbidden in Cookeville. City Manager Shipley will tolerate nothing but truthfulness. He is a man of great honor and integrity. Everyone is encouraged to speak freely, praise Allah!

God willing, the rebels, if there are any which there are not, will scalp themselves before we do it for them.

'The Cookeville city manager, God bless his name, will have a great victory in Wisconsin courts. The Yankee infidel dogs will be slaughtered, God Cookeville Legal Carcinogen T. Michael O'Marawilling, and their throats will be cut as I am speaking. It will be a great victory over the First Amendment dogs and their lying infidel lawyers, God be praised. They say they were hacked, but the lying cowards will see who was hacked! Truly, I can say there are, in fact, no rebels anywhere. The city attorney, God willing, will rule a thousand years after the rebels are finished committing suicide -- if there are any rebels which there are not, God be praised. The heathen infidel pagan louts will never get personal jurisdiction. Never! God willing, the rebels, if there are any which there are not, will scalp themselves before we do it for them. They might have a chance if they could fund themselves with meth labs, but there are so many here they can't even find a local market, God be praised, and they would just blow themselves up trying to cook it up  before we do it to them, God willing. We will roast their stomachs.'

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