From Cookeville, Tenn., home of T. Michael O'Mara, that
Double-dippin' good Christian gentleman
How much has he taken from you?

What an outrage!
Hospital has 'misplaced' some of O'Mara's earnings records, CRMC says 

Have you notice how many of O'Mara's clients have trouble with public records -- not including the one who died while suing him for malpractice

The client gets in trouble but O'Mara just gets more and more money.

Does Arthur Andersen do their accounting?

Almost a 50% increase in three years
City Attorney O'Mara made between $114,000 and $165,000 for each of past 3 years

At least he has benefited personally

How much have taxpayers shelled out in fees for the humiliation Cookeville has suffered nationally for Mike O'Mara's advice?

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