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Dear E.D.:

I don't know if this column is real, but my problem is real. My parents give me a curfew of one o'clock, but my boyfriend, who's a senior at our high school, can stay out as late as he wants to, and so can everyone we go out with. I feel embarrassed to tell him I have to be home early. And my parents won't give in -- they say I'm only a freshman and one is late enough. I'm worried my boyfriend will dump me.

Someone in love.


Dear Someone:

Having a curfew of 1 o'clock and being a freshman is a pretty good deal. When I was a freshman, my curfew was 11 o'clock. Your boyfriend can stay out later than you because he is older than you. I know what it is like to have older friends and want to stay out late, but we can't because our parents work. Also, if your friends are making you feel embarrassed that you have to be in earlier than them, you need different friends. The same goes for your boyfriend. If he is going to dump you because of your curfew, he's a loser anyway.


[Emily Danielle is a 16-year-old Tennessee high school junior. If you have a problem, write to Emily c/o the Harris Law Firm, 9 S. Jefferson, Cookeville, TN 38501]