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Must be destroyed

Throw one for mankind -- Brick a brand

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The rec.puzzles archive

This is the index of the rec.puzzles archive, taken from archive-request@questrel.com, and subsequently edited for HTML by Arlet Ottens. You can browse through the puzzles, and click on the Solution link to see the solution of the puzzle.
If you're e-mailing about a particular puzzle or solution, please mention at least the puzzle's name as it appears in the page. If the puzzle is not too long, please copy and paste the question and the solution, this makes it a lot easier for Arlet to know what you're talking about.

E-mail without a subject that says: "I think your solution is wrong, the man must be born on a wednesday" will usually be ignored. 
Bob 'Smut Boy' Terry and his humid drawers, er, humidors
Employees of Cookeville government are allowed to view the filth Bob 'Smut Boy' Terry sends to DA Bill Gibson and others.
It is located on the Internet linked to c.d. 'Sonny Boy' norman's all things Cookeville page, under this subheading:

NEW  The Monica Lewinsky Humidor  NEW
Where to find the disgusting filth that Police Chief Bob Terry
e-mailed to District Attorney Bill Gibson
All Funny Pictures

Sonny Boy created this link for Cookeville employees after City Mismanager Jimbo Dale 'I say who the press is around here' Shipley decided there is no punishment associated with viewing filth at work. By creating this link, Sonny Boy has saved employees the tedious work of having to surf for filth, which might have inadvertantly landed them on sites of some value.

Are you too smart to work for Cookeville?

If your IQ is higher than 100 you may never advance up the bureaucracy because you may be too smart to work for your boss. This is why Cookeville Police Chief Bob Terry, the candidate for the job with the least formal education, immediately did away with the written test requirement for advancement to command positions within the department. Hell, how smart do you have to be to pad your overtime card? If you score too high, keep trying until you bring it down between 75 and 90.
You'll be blissful you did.

Other Tests

ARCHIVE of past City of Cookeville Employee Recreation Sites for Browsing at work
1. spin_2_ani.gif (9043 bytes)Sandlot Science [April 1999]

2. Riddle du jour[June 1, 1998]

3. U.K. No. 1 Puzzle Site [June 2, 1998]

4. Govbot is watching you [June 14, 1998]

5. Here is a forum where you can discuss the Intellectual outlaws -- writers, philosophers, artists, scientists, composers, filmmakers -- who through their lives and the ferocious force of their personalities have ushered in titanic cultural change. [June 15]

6. Dead pet postings [June 17]

7.  University of Tennessee Men's Athletic Department Official Site  [June 19, 1998]

8. Conflict of interest: Whenever allegations of conflict of interest involving public officials arise, the person being accused never seems to have a problem justifying or rationalizing the activity that gave rise to the allegation. People in public office are expected to act on behalf of and in the best interests of the citizenry. A conflict of interest arises for someone in public office when that person acts, or appears to act, on behalf of someone other than the citizenry.                                                                  [June 22, 1998]

9. Beauty tips  July 2, 1998]

10. Man cannot live by Cheetoes alone

People in action for a better world
(Internet Links)
[July 3, 1998]
11. "So you're 'The Government?" [July 12, 1998]

12. Name the dead bluesman and win a free ticket to Hawaii from The Putnam Pit

Contest is for one day only, today, Monday, July  20, 1998

13.  Knowing but not telling
        From Salon Magazine

Do you know something you're not telling about Cookeville government? How should you be punished?

14. Who is a liar, who tells the truth?

collage by steev hiseDetritus- in nature, detritus is dead plant and animal matter that makes new life possible. The very bottom of the food chain, detritus is the rotting leaves in the forest, the silt on the bottom of the pond, the thick dark mud in the salt marsh. It sticks to your shoes, it smells, but someday it will be food for something else, and that something will be food in turn, on and on up the food chain until you pick it up in the supermarket and put it in your mouth.

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