Court Clerk Lewis Coomer is asked to comment on the FBI investigation at Putnam County Justice Center

"You bald-headed sum bitch . . . ," he sneers in response.


If your name was 'Lewis' and you had stolen from prisoners while you were a public official and you were going to prison for a long time, what name would you go by?

Louise, Louisa or Lois?

DA won't comment on rumors of widespread FBI investigation at Putnam County Justice Center

Putnam Pit editor

You are a public official who bragged you could do anything you wanted. You stole from prisoners when they had no defense. You get sentenced to prison on an unrelated felony. The prisoners sharpen their spoons, waiting for your arrival. You have no pals to help you. You cry out, "Jerry, Jerry," but no one comes. The prisoners form a ring around you . . . .
Better get your hair done up real purty, Louise.
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Hey, Louise, tell the prisoners, 

"I can do anything I waaaaaannnnna."
COOKEVILLE, Tenn. [April 27, 1999] -- District Attorney General Bill Gibson on Monday said he, too, had heard rumors of a "widespread FBI investigation" of corruption in the Putnam County Justice Center, but he would not repeat those rumors or speculate on their validity, he said. "You can go down to Spankies [restaurant] and hear the same rumors," he said.
Putnam Pit sources in the Justice Center said the FBI had been investigating possible fixing of tickets issued by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Such traffic cases would normally go before the county's general sessions judges.
Some sources claim records under the control of Court Clerk Lewis Coomer are included in the investigation.Coomer, who illegally charged Putnam County Jail prisoners $18 a day for years, declined to comment on the investigation.
"You bald-headed son of a bitch," Coomer said. "You son of a bitch. What about you being in jail in California, you son of a bitch?"

He then thrust his considerable girth against this reporter and ran into the Justice Center foyer, shouting, "Did anyone see him hit me, did anyone see him hit me?"

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