Dog X plants a paw on his brother's grave. 

I'll handle things here, Bear

Dogs perform a service chasing cars

By DOG X, Putnam Pit opinion editor
Getting swatted with a newspaper won't keep us from our calling.

 Essentials for enlightened leaders  

When you make the laws, hire and fire the executive, control the police chief, run the court and collect the taxes, it becomes difficult to know where the legitimate exercise of power ends and the abuse of it begins. The Putnam Pit is establishing this Essentials for Enlightened Leaders page, which will be a growing body of political documents and thought, and perhaps guide the mayor and council so that no more rights are violated and taxpayers never again have to pick up the tab. It might even keep them out of jail.

*.ology, *.osophy, *.ism and such

Here is a breath of fresh thought; ideas that go against everything you've been programmed to believe. Take a peek. We won't tell anyone you are interested in stretching your mind, and you may not even turn into a pillar of salt.

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