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The least DA Bill Gibson could have done was buy drugs with the rest of the money

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We've reported frequently in the Putnam Pit that the Fraud and Economic Crime Fund administered by the District Attorney's Office was abused by that office when funds from that source were used to pay the personal taxes of the D.A. and his assistants (one of which, Lillie Ann Sells, is now running for judge). They were cited by the state comptroller and responded that they would pay back the money to the state. (I'll bet the Rush Hour Bandit would agree to that plea bargain).

Recent comptroller audits have surfaced that again raise serious questions. The 13th Judicial District Drug Task Force funds, administered through the D.A.'s office, reflect that during the year ended June 30, 1995, a total of $115,086 was spent by the drug task force. A grand total of $36 was spent to buy drugs from pushers and high rollers in the drug business. However $19,555 was spent on "Communication", whatever that is. $6,085 was spent on travel (to where?) and "Other Charges" of $16,030 (for what, we wonder?)

As for the year ended June 30, 1996, a total of $132,220 was spent to combat illegal drugs. But only $95 was used to "Buy drugs." This was accomplished by spending $10,462 in "overtime", $6,884 in travel expenses and "communication" went up to $28,752.

Yet, T.B.I. Director Larry Wallace testified to the Tennessee House Judiciary Committee that his agents get $17,000 per year to buy drugs, and says that is not enough, according to a story in The Tennessean on April 20, 1998.

Are those low amounts for baiting dealers normal? Is spending $131 over a two-year period the usual amount used by other drug task forces? We reviewed others task forces and found that most spend significantly more than the 13th Judicial district. So what's the problem?

One might be Detective Bob Terry who is the director, and a big Gibson supporter.

These should be investigated by the Comptroller's Office, T.B.I., and the F.B.I. doing a thorough and complete audit. 

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