It started with the Kennedy Administration and continues with Clinton, and included Nixon and Bush. They all take care of themselves and their own.
Is Al Gore next? He'll just do his best for Al Gore and his gool ol' boys.


From Jim Greenway

I was in Viet Nam when that war was being run by the liberal political machine of the 60's and 70's.  These brilliant leaders adapted the "war of attrition" and other no-win policies which ultimately led to the defeat of our great nation by a small third world country, which had no Air Force, Navy, or high-tech equipment.  They beat us with home-made mines, booby traps, small arms and a grim determination to win.

This loss should have been an indication of things to come, but again we have elected a new group of brilliant military tacticians who are running about starting new wars which they have no intention of winning.  Some of these new ones were hanging out around airports, jeering at our troops when they came home from Viet Nam.

Sure, we need to stop Saddam.  This should have been accomplished prior to the conclusion of Desert Storm.  Our brilliant leaders have duly warned Saddam of impending action.  This will give him adequate time to hide most of the biological germ warfare stuff and crowd his women and children into designated target areas.  This early warning system must be viewed as great planning on the part of our leaders.

We have already been defeated by a small third world country in an undeclared war which lasted 10 years.  We must now fear that our fearless political leaders will lead us into yet another "no win" war.

I lost 14 members of my small unit in Viet Nam.  They were finally honored by having their names placed on a wall.  I can't bring myself to visit their memorial because I am so ashamed of the political cause for which they died.

As responsible, mature voters, we must take action to vote out or kick out those irresponsible, immoral and dangerous politicians.  If we fail to do something soon, we may end up losing yet another war to some small third world country.

All of the money that we are making in this economy will give us little comfort if we are not free.

Jim Greenway
First Sergeant, U.S. Army (Retired)
Cookeville, Tennessee