U.S. District Court

                                         Hargis, et al v. AAA Collections, Inc, et al

                                                        Filed: 09/07/00
                                              Assigned to: Judge William J. Haynes, Jr.
                                                      Jury demand: Plaintiff
                                           Referred to: Magistrate Judge E. Clifton Knowles
                                                       Demand: $0,000
                                                       Nature of Suit: 440
                                                      Lead Docket: None
                                                   Jurisdiction: Federal Question
                                                    Dkt# in other court: None
                                              Cause: 15:1692 Fair Debt Collection Act

DEWAYNE HARGIS                    Marla K. Williams
     pltf                         [COR LD NTC]
                                  Rural Legal Services of
                                  Tennessee, Inc.
                                  9 S Jefferson Street
                                  Suite 102
                                  Cookeville, TN 38501
                                  (931) 528-7436
                                  Samuel J. Harris
                                  [COR LD NTC]
                                  Harris Law Firm
                                  P O Box 873
                                  Cookeville, TN 38503
                                  (931) 372-7227
JUDY HARGIS                       Marla K. Williams
     pltf                         (See above)
                                  [COR LD NTC]
                                  Samuel J. Harris
                                  (See above)
                                  [COR LD NTC]
AAA COLLECTIONS, INC              Daniel P. Berexa
     deft                         [COR LD NTC]
                                  Cornelius & Collins, LLP
                                  P O Box 190695
                                  511 Union Street
                                  Suite 1500
                                  Nashville, TN 37219-0695
                                  (615) 244-1440
     deft                         [COR LD NTC]
                                  Lane Moore
                                  Moore, Rader, Clift &
                                  Fitzpatrick, P.C.
                                  P O Box 3347
                                  Cookeville, TN 38502
                                  (931) 526-3311

                                          DOCKET     PROCEEDINGS

DATE     #                   DOCKET     ENTRY

9/7/00   1       COMPLAINT w/attached exh. 1 (Summons(es) issued) Filing fee
                 paid in the amount of : $150.00 Receipt # 75903 (jb)
                 [Entry date 09/11/00] [Edit date 09/11/00]

9/7/00   2       NOTICE of Initial Case Management Conference; Case
                 referred to Magistrate Judge E. C. Knowles; Initial Case
                 Management Conference set for 11:00 10/19/00 (jb)
                 [Entry date 09/11/00]

10/10/00 3       ATTORNEY APPEARANCE for deft Cookeville City of by Daniel
                 Hurley Rader III. (dlt) [Entry date 10/11/00]

10/11/00 --      PROPOSED Agreed Order re: CMC rescheduled for 10/25/00 at
                 2:00 p.m. (dlt) [Entry date 10/12/00]

10/16/00 4       ATTORNEY APPEARANCE for deft AAA Collections, Inc by Daniel
                 P. Berexa. (dlt) [Entry date 10/17/00]

10/16/00 5       MOTION by deft AAA Collections, Inc for extension of time
                 of 20 days to file a response to the complaint. (dlt)
                 [Entry date 10/17/00]

10/16/00 6       ORDER by Magistrate Judge E. C. Knowles ; Case Management
                 Conference reset for 2:00 p.m. on 10/25/00. EOD 10/17/00
                 (cc: all counsel) (dlt) [Entry date 10/17/00]

10/18/00 7       ORDER by Magistrate Judge E. C. Knowles granting motion for
                 extension of time of 20 days to file a response to the
                 complaint [5-1]. EOD 10/19/00 (cc:  all counsel) (dlt)
                 [Entry date 10/19/00]

10/25/00 8       CLERK'S RESUME: Case Management Conference held on
                 10/25/00. Parties submitted a proposed CMO. Discovery ddl
                 3/31/01; dispositive mtn ddl 5/15/01; Case Management Order
                 to enter. C/R : Tape No.: 2000-27 MK (dlt)
                 [Entry date 10/30/00]

10/27/00 9       INITIAL CASE MANAGEMENT ORDER by Magistrate Judge E. C.
                 Knowles: Discovery ddl set for 3/31/01; dispositive mtn
                 filing ddl set for 5/15/01. EOD 10/30/00 (cc: all counsel)
                 (dlt) [Entry date 10/30/00]

11/13/00 10      ANSWER by deft Cookeville City of to [1-1] (dlt)
                 [Entry date 11/14/00]

11/14/00 11      ANSWER by deft AAA Collections, Inc to [1-1]; jury demand
                 (dlt) [Entry date 11/15/00]

2/28/01  12      OBJECTIONS by deft Cookeville City to Notice of Deposition
                 (dlt) [Entry date 03/01/01