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Letters to the editor:
Man, your web-site kicks ass!!!! How come the Herald-Citizen don't print this stuff? Is that paper under political rule? I don't doubt the truth at all, in the reports of the Pit..... Why  is our local government STILL being controlled by these weasels??? Isn't there something that can be done by a higher authority? Or do we just have to wait for God to send them to Hell (heehee)
God bless the Pit.... "The Truth will set you free..but it just might piss you off, at first :-)" 
"richard moore"

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City's financial desperation leads to more legal woes

Federal civil rights suit alleges Cookeville
denied due process rights of utility customer
Cookeville threatened termination of utility services 'for the purposes of collecting a debt which was not owed,' suit contends -- complaint   -- docket

Other Lawsuits of local interest
Poll results
Sit in on one of Cookeville's  civil rights trials or take the 'Living tour of government corruption' -- Click here

H-C won't print news
Is it a public service when a newspaper covers up government crimes?
Herald-Citizen ignores Cookeville government civil rights violations,
but The Tennessean is following The Putnam Pit v. City of Cookeville
Link to John Shiffman's story 

Why DA Gibson wanted Putnam County 
to hand over a $10,000 windfall
Putnam Pit columnist

At a time when the city and county are both hurting for revenue, why would Putnam County give its share of a $20,000 windfall to the Drug Task Force? State law says the money should be split between the county and the arresting agency. But the county's fiscal review committee has been charmed by District Attorney General William Gibson's plea that the drug task force keep all the money because several nearby counties have already decided to give 100 percent of drug fines to the arresting agency. Why? Column

Reporting Year: 1998
These are the toxic polluters in Cookeville
This is a summary detail report -- a list of hits. If, instead, you would rather have all of the TRI data in your search in one file so that you can download it easily, choose this High detail link.
What has your government done to protect you?

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