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The Ministry of Information of 
Cookeville and Putnam County, Tennessee

The Putnam Pit
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  • Hospital statistics
    You wanted to save the hospital, but . . .

    Can the hospital save your life?

    Voters may have been dead wrong when they voted to retain Cookeville General Hospital and pump millions into it. As officials work to lay the cost overruns and expansion bills on taxpayers' backs, politicians, their cronies and businessmen-doctors are milking 

    Cookeville Regional White Elephant

    How healthy is 
    Regional Medical Center?

  • How many patients acquire infections and diseases from being hospitalized there?

  • How many people died in the Cookeville Regional Medical Center in 1998? [Mortality rate]

  • Patient care quality report
    • Patient complaints, grievances
    • Transfusion investigations
    • 124 deaths between July and November, 1999
    • Medication errors
    • Pending lawsuits

    Still to come:
  • How full are the beds?
  • Number of communicable diseases reported through emergency room and in-house population.
  • How many patient injuries during surgery?
  • How many procedures performed without consent?
  • How many post operative deaths?
  • Mayor Charles Womack denies he steers patients with no insurance to the hospital for tests, but performs them in his office for those who can pay.

    AT 4:25 P.M. ON JAN. 11, Cookeville Regional Medical Center security forces halted inspection of public records detailing how much and for what the government-owned facility paid its part-time lawyer, T. Michael O'Mara.
    However, a partial inspection of the public documents shows that between June and November 1999, O'Mara received more than $36,000 -- an average of $7,000 per month -- while he also billed taxpayers separately for his counsel as Cookeville's city attorney.
    O'Mara said guards were called in to close down the records inspection because, although records by law are open for inspection during regular business hours, The Pit declined to quit an hour before hospital administration closed.

    This was the second consecutive time The Pit has been pulled away from hospital records.

    Click chart to view full size image

    Meanwhile, why did the hospital pay attorney T. Michael O'Mara $11,813 in July 1999 for only 94 hours of work? Inspect his 12-page bill

    Click image for full view

    Do you want to know how Cookeville Regional Medical Center was stolen by doctors and who profits from its poor administration and construction cost overruns and change orders? The Putnam Pit has obtained the minutes from the meetings of the Board of Trustees of Cookeville Regional Medical Center. They will be posted as they are converted to image files. The first files are located here:
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