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  • Customers sue Cookeville Electric Department -- allege civil rights violations over cut offs

  • Top city government salaries: Top 23 city workers get $1.2 million

  • Jail suicide

  • COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (March 17, 2001) -- 'Full' 2-day investigation determines deputies should be 'commended' after a woman 'who did not appear to have suicidal tendencies' 'shocked' corrections officers and other inmates by tying a bed sheet to a security camera and jumping while sharing a cell with other inmates. She hung there for 10-12 minutes before anyone noticed, including the person who should have been monitoring the security camera. Does this latest death raise questions about Sheriff Jerry Abston's ability to run a jail? Even if it was a suicide, shouldn't jailers remove belts, shoe laces and other items from cells? What does the security camera show?
    Article from the Herald-Citizen
    Cookeville threatened termination of utility services 'for the purposes of collecting a debt which was not owed,' suit contends -- complaint  -- docket


  • Shiplian governance: The Municipality as a desperate criminal

  • Apologist of  the week:
    "Cookeville buys natural gas at wholesale prices from cross-country pipelines and then distributes it out across the city to its residential, industrial and business customers at retail rates, as would any business." Hair-Oiled Citroën
  • Is government 'any' business?
  • Would' any business' cut off fuel to a family if a relative had a delinquent bill at a different address?
  • Would 'any business' borrow money in your name to sell you its product at a profit?
  • Is the chief spending much time sending pornography from the department?

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    'Without annexation a city will die or at least it will quit growing.' Cookeville City Councilman Steve Copeland
     Thinking of relocating to Cookeville?
    Two Tales of One City Trying to Draw Industry
    If money is all that matters Cookeville alleges the Federal Reserve says:

    [T]he most  impressive indicator of economic growth may be found in data reflecting retail sales for the area. From 1988 to 1998, retail sales increased by 125%. Significant growth in the number of retail outlets and increases in income have contributed to this growth. It is also assumed, but undocumented, that the increase in variety and availability of retail outlets has contributed to more person coming into the county to shop while fewer residents leave the county for specialized purchases. 

    Taken as a whole, all the foregoing indicators point to an area that is experiencing solid growth. Especially significant is the fact that this growth has come about without unduly taxing the capacity of the area's infrastructure to expand to meet new needs. The schools, roads, water and sewer facilities, etc. that have been associated with this growth have been implemented without major increases in local taxes. 

    For more

    If justice and rule of law are important
    Factors not mentioned by Cookeville:
    THERE'S STILL TIME to move to Cookeville or start a business if you want to be victimized by the growing debt bomb. See our Commerce and Tourism page, painstakingly created according to the rigid standards established by Cookeville City Mismanager Jim 'I say who the press is around here' Shipley and City Attorney T Michael 'Mike' (God bless the person who sues my client) O'Mara.


    Browsing for porno may be OK at the police department but he won't stand for nosing into anyone's computer.
    'I didn't know we were collecting information on private citizens over the Internet with our new software!'

    City manager claims there are no records of information his government collected from private computers, unbeknownst to their owners

    Shipley doesn't use the lame 'that person is not in today' excuse this time and no one was sent running from the building -- just a flat refusal to provide the files
    Is Shipley better than a bar of soap? 
  • Is he 99 44/100 percent pure?
  • Does he float?

    Once again, 
    Shipley pleads ignorance
    And we're beginning to believe him
    'I didn't know we were secretly monitoring private computer usage,' Cookeville's city manager blurts in this paraphrase, 'but we're not doing it anymore since you caught us, as far as you know.'
    Although his administration's only notable residue was making the word "Cookeville" synonymous with "Cookies," "lying" and "civil rights violations," City Manager Jim Shipley says he didn't know his government's website was sending small electronic "cookie" files into the computers of innocent visitors interested in learning about local issues.

    Cookeville, Tenn. (Jan. 10, 2001) -- The city's e-mail server is named 'Cookie Monster' and messages are stored on a server named 'Ernie' -- one of Cookie Monster's colleagues on the children's television program Sesame Street.

    But City Manager Jim Shipley says it was an accident -- he didn't mean to send stealth cookie files into computers browsing to his government's web site.

    The files, capable of storing personal and confidential information about users and of tracking their Internet habits, were not monitored, Shipley said in a written response to The Putnam Pit after this publication discovered 'cookies' were being secretly sent to visitors to his site.

    Poll results


    Cookeville City Manager investigates himself:
    Shipley announces he did nothing wrong because he did not know what he was doing when the city spied on private computers
    He also said the software he will no longer use to snoop in people's computers has been removed from the computers he used to do it, even though he didn't know he was doing it

                  Shiplian governance
    The municipality as a desperate criminal

    A Cookeville, Tenn., publication recently printed a list of crimes against citizens at their homes, work and churches. Story
    Cookeville government is desperate for cash, partly because of legal fees to defend civil rights lawsuits, partly because of poor management and sagging tax revenue. So the city needs to broaden its tax base by annexation and drawing in new residents. But that is difficult when the city manager promoted the least educated candidate for police chief. So instead of acknowledging crime -- which might chill industry, commerce and tourism but make the streets safer -- they pretend everything is good.
    FBI says uniform crime rate rises in region so . . . Cookeville Police Department withholds information from it's annual crime report

    Jane Kirtley's report shows why Cookeville and the Tennessee Municipal League face so many lawsuits: In order to keep the truth from prospective 'clients', the government tries to control free expression. Column

    Cookeville City Manager Jim Shipley has placed the burden of this policy on the shoulders not only of taxpayers across the state, through the Tennessee Municipal League's Risk Management Pool, but on the legal rights of those within his jurisdiction. Story

    To keep the truth hidden, Cookeville City Manager Shipley's government sends employees running from the municipal building when a reporter seeks public records. Story

    When a reporter visited Cookeville to investigate a murder that would cause bad publicity for the government, the city fought the effort. Instead of looking for the killer of Darlene Eldridge, police began investigating why a reporter was investigating, and investigated the reporter. To keep the truth secret, the city illegally removed files from the public record. Story

    Now the government is enmeshed in federal lawsuits, represented by a law firm that performs unnecessary work and an arrogant municipal risk management pool that is now coming to the attention of the attorney general's office. Cookeville City Manager Jim Shipley, Police Chief Bob Terry and the city will stand trial three times in 2001, resulting from censorship, allegations of discrimination within the police department and the firing of a former police chief who blew the whistle on corruption. Story

      The Shipley Gang
      Federal civil rights tripleheader scheduled for Cookeville in 2001
      City government, officials faces millions in damages from complaints alleging repeated federal civil rights, employment violations 
      I guess we ran up quite a legal bill, huh? Shipley never had the guts to say.
    Election links from 
    Readers speak:
    Asked why the H-C chose to interview Nancy Boman, Putnam County Election Commission Registrar, as an expert on election irregularities, Putnam Pit readers said: 
    The Herald-Citizen asked: With nearly 300 election workers hired for election day in Putnam County, could counting and accuracy mistakes happen here? 
    "Never," responded Nancy Boman, Putnam County Election Commission Registrar. 


    President Clinton's temper flares when asked questions on Ralph Nader, death penalty, Middle East -- Story
    Attorney Suspended
    Nashville attorney Almose A. Thompson II has been temporarily suspended from the practice of law in Tennessee by order of the Supreme Court
    Bad Tennessee lawyers

  • Politics
  • Putnam County databases online
  • Boycott Herald-Citizen advertisers
  • Disciplined Tennessee lawyers
  • Ouster law
  • Ouster petition
  • Recall
  • Bad judges
  • Refer a friend

  • Letter to H-C's Charles Denning about possible follow-up stories

    Not since the H-C raved about the sound effects that accompanied a city budget proposal have government employees so widely missed the mark in making information relevant.
    Cookeville Police Department's annual crime report lacks accurate data that would allow meaningful evaluation of performance --  Story

    Not mentioned:
  • Coomer's crimes
  • Chief's porno
  • Drunk councilman
  • Ticket fixing



    Click here to download 1999 Cookeville Police
    Crime and Activity Report [1.1MB zipped .pdf file]

    Requires Acrobat Reader
    Click here to download free Adobe Reader

    Police Chief Bob Terry asserts . . .
    'Cookeville is unsafe'

    New Putnam Pit poll 

    Posted Oct. 7, 2000

    Putnam County's watchdog press


    Should a mismanaged city collect money by abusing the judicial system when it has squandered money on unnecessary legal fees stemming from efforts to silence critics of its incompetence? 


    What you need to know if you're relocating to Cookeville:
    Includes a comprehensive listing of such information as crime statistics; Equal Employment Opportunity; home numbers of Cookeville public officials; Sonny Boy's Sex Offender Registry; birth, death and marriage statistics; poverty level; infant mortality; grocers/convenience stores/gas stations busted for selling cigarettes to kids; regional economic profile and MORE!

    Like this site? Refer a friend!
    WorldNetDaily Exclusive Series
  • Al Gore's links to Tennessee drug, political thugs
  • Police Chief Bob Terry asserts . . .

    'Cookeville is unsafe'

    Cops stop hundreds of cars; city may increase revenue through tickets

    Throngs of delayed drivers thank police for being pulled over and checked, Herald-Citizen reports on basis of chief's statement.

    "You know, in this town, there is a presumption that people can come and go and move about freely and be safe -- but unfortunately, that is not the case in some places at certain times," Police Chief Bob Terry confesses.

    Gore rep tries to keep media off WND series

    'Witch hunt' for whistleblowers 
    inside Tennessee police agency

    By Charles Thompson and Tony Hays
    © 2000 WorldNetDaily.com

    SAVANNAH, Tenn. -- A representative of Vice President Al Gore's campaign, Doug Hattaway, has been calling media outlets across west Tennessee attempting to stop coverage of last week's series of WorldNetDaily reports detailing allegations of political corruption by Gore and his close friends and supporters in Tennessee.

    Last updated
    08/11/07 09:57:53 PM
    The Putnam Pit caught the City of Cookeville running its municipal court in 1994 and 1995 to generate exceptionally huge amounts in fines and forfeitures to carry out its other unethical activities. Since then, the Tennessee Supreme Court also has determined that cities like Cookeville abuse the judicial system to collect money. Do you think it is a conflict for City Attorney Mike O'Mara to make a whole lot of money -- a real lot -- from the city's general fund while he also prosecutes cases in the court that generates the money he makes? What would a "good Christian gentleman" do when he recognized the linking of his activities with "Christian" diminishes the whole religion in the eyes of some people? Let us know.

    Welcome, federal agents.
    In 1990, Putnam County ranked among the worst 20% of all counties in the US in terms of an average individual's added cancer risk from hazardous air pollutants

    Looper denied justice

    Victims of Cookeville annexation aggression can fight back!

    Judge John J. Maddux Jr. has county official work on his property on government time, Herald-Citizen inadevertantely discloses -- or was Coomer there without permission?
    Welcome to Al Gore's corner of the world

    Lewis Coomer rolls hay at Judge John J. Maddux Jr.'s property during government business hours, H-C inadvertently reports

    Story says Coomer used cell phone to call cops after confronting burglary suspects. Authorities say arrest was at 2:30 p.m. Thursday.
    [But if he has a cell phone, why does he use his Justice Center office number -- and county employees -- to take calls on his private apartment rental business which he also operates during business hours?]

    Circuit Court Clerk Lewis Coomer:
    Lewis Coomer might as well rent out his office space in the Justice Center to someone who actually works there . . . Of course, when you're pals with a judge, you can do anything you want!
    He lies.
    He steals.
    He cheats.
    He rolls hay.
    Lewis Coomer is a thief
    'People who tell the truth about me are 
    sum bitches,' Coomer might as well say.

    Now, Judge John J. Maddux Jr. is getting his hay rolled by this corrupt public official on government time, the H-C inadvertently reveals.

    What will this do to Maddux's  chances of becoming a federal judge should  Al Gore become president?

    Judge Maddux purportedly was not at home Saturday morning or at Judge Sells' number and did not return calls from The Pit before press time. [931KB .wav file]
    Click here for more on Coomer's Crimes

    Mr. Gore: Is this what we can expect in Washington if you win?
    Will your attorney general be fixing tickets and mowing lawns for big shot Tennesseans?

    Guestbook entry:
    "You got one super publication here. I encountered the Byron Looper story on a newsgroup about appalachia and wandered through the Herald stories and backtracked to this site. WOW!!! 

    I hope you have a brick wall around your place. The "powers that be" must hate the ever lovin' blue eyed #$@%! out of what you are doing. 

    I am going to come back to the site to see what some of the other things are you write about but Looper is what got me here. I am going to tell a friend of mine who is a retired Freedom Papers publisher about the site to see how he likes it. 

    Thanks for a great site; the dog nose is cool, and like the old man said to Jeremiah Johnson --hold on to your hair pilgrim." PJ in Weenieville

    Essential Links for Enlightened Leaders

    As Bertrand de Jouvenel has sagely pointed out, through the centuries men have formed concepts designed to check and limit the exercise of State rule; and, one after another, the State, using its intellectual allies, has been able to transform these concepts into intellectual rubber stamps of legitimacy and virtue to attach to its decrees and actions. Originally, in Western Europe, the concept of divine sovereignty held that the kings may rule only according to divine law; the kings turned the concept into a rubber stamp of divine approval for any of the kings' actions. The concept of parliamentary democracy began as a popular check upon absolute monarchical rule; it ended with parliament being the essential part of the State and its every act totally sovereign. As de Jouvenel concludes: 
                   Many writers on theories of sovereignty have worked out one . . . of these restrictive devices. But in the end every single such theory has, sooner or later, lost its original purpose, and come to act merely as a springboard to Power, by  providing it with the powerful aid of an invisible sovereign with whom it could in time successfully identify itself. Article
    New Putnam Pit 
    Lying cop
    Monterey Police Officer Tim Murphy said the gun used to kill Sen. Tommy Burks was one of two 9 mm pistols he bought illegally in March 1997. Murphy lied under penalty of perjury when he said he was going to use them in his work. In fact, former Mayor John Bowden gave him $700 in advance to make the purchase. Should Murphy be punished for lying, as provided by law?

    What outsiders think when they read about Putnam County politics

    Guestbook entry from prospective Putnam County employer who followed Looper trial:
    "After reading some of this crap, I wouldn't move to Putnam for love nor money." 

    A lot of others wouldn't move to a city governed by Fascists, either, so the government, desperate for taxes, overpowers resistance and annexation, allowing those who want to defend  their land, their families and their political ideas only 3 minutes to plead for leniency. Who would want to live in a place where the officials would tell citizens trying to speak about their futures not to create "an emotional circus?" Story.


    Did you know: If Cookeville drags you into the city against your will you, as a resident voter, can begin a procedure to revoke the city's charter?

    The man who swore he taped DA Bill Gibson asking him to set-up former Putnam County Assessor of Property Byron (Low Tax) Looper says he has been taping people for a long time. 
    Dedmon deposition [pdf file 1516K]

    U.S. Supreme Court dockets case naming Cookeville city attorney, city manager in
    civil rights violation. U.S. Court of Appeals says they retaliated over Putnam Pit content, but that there were no damages. Letter

    Police blame defense attorney after they misidentify suspect

    Putnam Pit columnist
    COOKEVILLE, Tenn. - Cookeville Police Officers, Zac Birdwell and Jeff Johnson  feel that their testimony under oath before the General Sessions Court in their case against Desmond Irvin was inaccurate because defense counsel, Will Roberson, tricked them. Column

    Reader response: Herald-Citizen has reality on backwards

    From c.d. 'Sonny Boy' norman:
    Lewis Coomer appears to be in violation of "Time and Use of Property Considerations," as cited in state law
    Running a business from government office is "Official misconduct" according to state manual

    "[Lewis] Coomer's use of his county office for personal business appears to be a form of official misconduct. The State of Tennessee's General Manual for Clerks of Courts specifically forbids a clerk to use the public office to operate a real estate business. 

    "We are enormously troubled by the government's increasing and virtually unchecked use of the civil forfeiture statutes and the disregard for the due process that is buried in those statutes."
    -- United States v. All Assets of Statewide Auto Parts Inc. (U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, 1992) 
    Looper discussion

    Millions To Ensure Health Coverage For Tennessee's Poor Go Unspent

    It could never happen here

    Reporter's Unsolved Killing Shook Establishment, FBI Files Show

    It almost happened here

    Which paid thug tried to neutralize a reporter covering crime in Putnam County?

    Today' tips for advertising circulars trying to pass as news organizations

    Looper discussion

    Harold Jackson has a party!
    Readers say Cookeville council should take sobriety tests before meetings.

    City officials are not the only scum here, reader says

    Putnam County discussion forum

    Discipline for lawyers.
    Disciplined Tennessee lawyers
    Just the facts
    Cookeville Databases online

    Opinion -- something the Hair-Oiled Citroën is afraid to put its name on
    The nerve of the Hair-Oiled Citroën
    Don't the Hair-Oiled Citroën and it's fluff-lovin' editor just epitomize everything that's wrong with reportage in one-newspaper towns?
    Editor of The Putnam Pit
    COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- An idiot from the Cookeville advertising rag had the nerve to say in an interview that The Putnam Pit wasn't journalism. How would anyone there know? They certainly don't practice it.

    The fearless spokesperson didn't use his name, of course, because he is afraid to stand behind anything critical he says of anyone -- not that he thumbnailhas much experience at it. It's dopes like this who give journalism a bad name. They stand for NOTHING. And a cowardly journalist is the worst kind of coward. 

    Let's get down to issues: Click here for story

    Today's tip for advertising circulars trying to pass as news organizations:

    Always check the math yourself.

    In the story School budget gets rocky start with county budget officials, the Hair-Oiled Citroën writes:

    "He said the analysis ranked the Putnam County school system as 30th out of 137 schools, which put Putnam County in the top 20%." 

    Always check the source

    In the same story, the Hair-Oiled Citroën writes: 

    "The results of that analysis are currently on the Internet at www.tennesseefamily.org, Martin said."

    Click here for helpful tips


    Here's to you, Harold!
    Not Councilman Jackson's urine test
    [This glass does not contain Mr. Jackson's urine sample.]

    Ask for the 'Pit bull on crack' at the Willow Tree Lounge, 1115 S. Willow Ave. It's the official Councilman Harold Jackson special drink offer.
    The relentless Sonny Boy presents . . . 
    'Eat, drink, be merry, ask for favors'

    At least he didn't puke on himself, as far as we know.

    Click here for the only real hiccups cure

    New Putnam Pit discussion
    Should local officials take sobriety tests before public meetings?
    Here is a new forum to discuss issues in Cookeville and Putnam County, TN. It is a place to provide thoughtful comments about issues and for others to respond. We ask only that the posts are relevant and appropriate. You can join the community or post as a guest.

    TBI: a Gore Whore?
    Looks like the fix may have been in

    "So, what's been going on at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in recent years. Apparently, it's not a pretty picture, according to a series of hard-hitting national stories exposing alleging administrative horror stories soon to be released. They are aimed at TBI Director Larry Wallace, a couple of his top administrators and more."  Click here for the whole story 

    R.I.P. chivalry
    State investigates allegations by jilted lover that Children's Community Service chief in Cookeville shacked up with married man at taxpayer expense.
    Agency withholds release of public records while criminal probe is underway. Click here for the whole story

    Wacky McBrooms
    Allan Brittain asks court for compensation after McBroom's wife, Jane, 'in concert' with daughter Amy,  'kick in the doors and enter the marital home by force,' removing Brittain's property, court documents allege. Click here for the whole story

    Cookeville still has no 2000-2001 budget.
    Click here for some Putnam Pit suggestions for cutting expenditures

    Results of past Putnam Pit polls
    See how other readers feel about everything from Byron Looper's complicity to Bill Gibson's competence. Click here for results

    A reporter's notebook
    From Milan
    From Venice
    From Florence

    I'll bet no one in Florence ever said,
    "We're no worse than anywhere else."
    FLORENCE, Italy [March 1, 2000] -- I couldn't help thinking about Cookeville Councilman Steve Copeland when I walked among the Renaissance art treasures at the Uffizi Gallery and Galleria dell'Accademia today.

    Not that to me the councilman looks at all like Michelangelo's David, although as far as I know I have never seen him naked. But he frequently asks me if I can see anything good about Cookeville, and here I am in a town where no one ever has to ask that question. Story

    Would you want this man to handcuff your daughter?
    95% of respondents in poll say Police Chief Bob Terry should be fired
    Why should any city employee follow any rule or law when there is no consequence to breaking them?
    What defense will the city have if something does happen?
    Everyone knows about you, Chief Terry. Even when newspapers with the story are stolen and discarded from the public buildings they are placed so your victims can read about you, everyone knows about you. Everyone.
    Imagine . . . a Bible belt community trying to attract business and create jobs, but keeping a corrupt porno thug as chief of police. Who would want to move a daughter to a place with a government like that? Who would send a child to a college in that kind of political atmosphere? A community the world is watching cannot fool investors with misleading Chamber of Commerce brochures.
    Imagine a government that would keep this man in his job to show it will not bow to criticism; a government that will continue to do the wrong thing in order to prove it is strong. Boy, what dope would want to move a company or family to a place like that?Imagine a man who claims to be for the community but does not resign when every single act he has performed has been shown to be illegal, immoral and thoroughly self serving.


    Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police
    Value statement
    The objects of the Association shall be to advance the science and art of police services; develop and disseminate improved administrative, technical and operational practices and promote their use in police work; foster police cooperation and the exchange of information and experience among police administrators throughout the world; bring about recruitment and training in the police profession of qualified persons; and, encourage adherence of all police officers to high professional standards of performance and conduct.
    Here's someone the community can be proud of, Jimmy Shipley's own police chief, backed by the Cookeville City Council, including Vice Mayor  Charles The Pious.
    About Bob Terry

    Cable-access host claims he was arrested for criticizing public officials

  • Putnam County used a questionable method of funding rural fire protection
  • Putnam County illegally funded rural fire protection services through the General Fund

    How 'bout lynching, Danny?
    Tennessee Municipal League lawyer Daniel  Rader III says "threatening to kill a nigger" is not a citeable offense [p.23]

  • You voted to save the hospital, but . . .

  • Can the hospital save you?

    RIP Lewey
    [The PoliticalGraveyard]
    Putnam County Circuit Court Clerk Lewis Coomer is a thief.

    Lewis Coomer is a thief
    Lewis Coomer is a thief
    Lewis Coomer is a thief

    Lewis Coomer is a thief

    Lewis Coomer is a thief
    Lewis Coomer is a thief
    Lewis Coomer is a thief
    Lewis Coomer is a thief
    Lewis Coomer is a thief

    Lewis Coomer is a thief

    Lewis Coomer is a thief
    Lewis Coomer is a thief
    Photos/Matt Welchvv
    Should Lewis Coomer pay taxes on money he stole?

    • Judges are special. Regular laws don't apply to them
    Why do they bother to call them 'disclosure statements?
    Federal Judges' Disclosure Statements Withheld
    Unusual Action Blocks Publication on Internet
    Dec. 6, 1999 
    Back to the APBnews.com Home PageBy Bob Port 
    NEW YORK (APBnews.com) -- In response to a project that plans to make available on the Internet the financial disclosure statements of the nation's 1,600 federal judges, a federal district judge in Florida has barred the release of any of those public records until further notice.

    The Miami Herald
    Judge William J. Zloch

    Ex-wife arrested in Tennessee deputy killing
    Woman Nabbed Outside Boyfriend's Miami Home
    Dec. 3, 1999
    NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (APBnews.com) -­ The ex-wife of a Tennessee Back to the APBnews.com Home Pagesheriff's deputy was arrested here after being tracked down in connection with her ex-husband's shooting, authorities said. Heather L. Beasley, 30, of McDonald, Tenn., was taken into custody outside her boyfriend's home just before sunrise Thursday, police spokesman Warren Hardison said.See the whole story:
    The police are out of control
    A father of nine children was shot to death by Denver SWAT officers by mistake
    Time to slam door shut on some raids
    By Chuck Green
    Denver Post Columnist
    Dec. 1 - News4, as it is known in the modern age of "branding" products like toilet tissue, cat food, cars and TV news, has a terrific story on its 10 o'clock 'casts this week.
    A father of nine children was shot to death by Denver SWAT officers by mistake.

    It's not that they didn't shoot to kill. They came armed and ready to fire, they crashed into the man's home under the authority of a "no-knock" warrant, they ran into Ismael Mena's upstairs bedroom and they gunned him down with eight bullets. Story: Time to slam door shut on some raids

    More horror stories from the police state

    Some people are always whining. Just because they do all the work and get only table scraps doesn't mean they get the right to speak out against authority! Don't you respect the president. Or maybe, your ruling masters don't respect you because you are a mindless coward afraid to stick up for yourself who buys into the program and hopes there is a heaven. . .

    Chaos in Seattle:
    Is Cookeville next?

    When the Cookeville city council turned its back on Corridor J opponents, did it leave chaos as the only force for democracy? Do you have the guts to resist? Is this what it comes to when you wait too long to respond to corruption and greed?

    National epidemic of police brutality:
    New research shows extent of death resulting from law enforcement. So-called 'suicides' are the findings, in many jail cases. The study is only 10 percent complete and already surpasses federal reports.
    • City Mismanager Jimbo Shipley refused to pay $20 for a Putnam Pit subscription; now, the city faces a $400,000 trespass, contract violation and civil rights suit. Good job, Jimbo. You'll show 'em, one of these days. It just won't be today. . . .again.

    Shipley thumbnail

    Bob Terry
    • Definitely not too progressive: Punishing the messenger for the boss's crime. Cookeville police Internal Affairs investigation looks at alleged rule violation or illegality surrounding department employee's discovery that city's alpha-numeric pagers were used to communicate personal, possibly sexual messages between female city employee and Police Chief Bob Terry Terry

      Police Chief Bob Terry

    Cops to Shipley:

    Which side you on, anyway?
    Cookeville City Manager signs $3,000 property bond to free jailed ex-councilman Mike Patterson after Patterson allegedly was subdued, and was charged with resisting arrest, domestic violence and assaulting a Cookeville cop.

    Patterson, a director of Cookeville Regional Medical Center, allegedly calimed he was suffering a heart attack after the scuffle, but refused to go to the hospital he serves, according to police reports.

    On Sept. 11, 1999, two police officers arrived at a residence located at
    900 Edwin in response to a 911 call. There, according to the police report, former Cookeville Councilman Mike Patterson had been in a violent confrontation with his wife, and following an alleged fight with the officers they subdued Patterson, hauled him down to the Justice Center and charged him with domestic assault, assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.
    The Herald-Citizen provides the blow-by-blow here.

    One observer told The Pit: "Can you believe that ____?  Shipley signing a guys bond for assaulting a City Officer?

    Ironically, Shipley's signature came on the heels of Patterson's wife's warning that Patterson knows everyone and would "get out of it."

    "I quickly got some information from (Mrs. Patterson) for a police report suspecting that when I went to assist Officer Pleming, she would leave and I'd be stuck without her biographical data," according to Officer Michael Matt's report. "While I was writing, I mentioned that we were there to help. I was surprised when she got angry again and said that I wouldn't help, that 'he's friends with everybody at the Police Dept. and gets out of everything.'

    "Again, myself and Officer Pleming tried to get [Patterson] to speak to us about the incident. When he continued to refuse to speak except to tell us that he knew Fred White and (Cookeville City Manager) Jim Shipley, I finally told him, 'Sir, we are very serious about domestic violence and protecting those victims. We have a bunch of broken glass, stuff thrown toward your wife and signs that there was a fight. You appear to be the aggressor and won't cooperate, so I am arresting you for domestic assault.'

    According to The Herald Citizen, "The 911 dispatchers, following standard procedure, had alerted police after the caller hung up without saying anything.

                     "Officers Ed Pleming and Michael Matt went to investigate, and
                     they allege they found that Mike Patterson and his wife had
                     been involved in a domestic dispute which caused Mrs.
                     Patterson to "fear for her safety."

    "They also allege that Patterson resisted arrest and struck one of the officers on the side of the head as he struggled with them.

                     "Here is Officer Matt's report on the case:

                     " 'We were dispatched to 900 Edwin Street in reference to a
                     911 hang-up telephone call via Putnam County EMS. While
                     enroute to the call, Cookeville Police dispatch told Officer
                     Pleming, who was closest to the residence, that an unknown
                     type of disturbance was suspected at the scene. As Putnam
                     County EMS had received the 911 call and initiated the police
                     complaint, that information could not be detailed or verified.

    According to the paper's excerpt from the police report:

                    "Again, myself and Officer Pleming tried to get him to speak to
                     us about the incident. When he continued to refuse to speak
                     except to tell us that he knew Fred White and (Cookeville City
                     Manager) Jim Shipley, I finally told him, 'Sir, we are very
                    serious about domestic violence and protecting those victims.
                     We have a bunch of broken glass, stuff thrown toward your
                     wife and signs that there was a fight. You appear to be the
                     aggressor and won't cooperate, so I am arresting you for
                     domestic assault.'

                     "Michael Patterson then made some type of comment like,
                     'No, you're not, and I'm not going anywhere.' As I said,
                     'You're under arrest' I reached for his right arm while he was
                     sitting in his chair. Michael Patterson jerked his arm away from
                     me and then Officer Pleming and I each reached for an arm.
                     Michael Patterson then lunged up out of the chair, pulled his
                     right arm away from me and sucker-punched me on what I
                     later found to be my left temple."

    The circuit court clerk's office reports that the bond was signed by Rebecca Patterson and Jim Shipley.

    The initial court appearance is set for October 4, 1999.


    Cookeville PD's chief revisited

    Booze for the chief, 
    cash for the governor

    Rumors and documents link
    Mike Gaw, Police Chief Bob Terry
    When he was head of the notorious Drug Task Force, Sgt. Bob Terry played a lot of golf and hung around Mike Gaw's office. Now Terry is Cookeville's police chief. Why is Terry such good pals with Gaw, someone Terry allegedly said at some time had 'enough cocaine to sprinkle on everyone in Putnam County?' Why does Terry show up whenever Gaw is being investigated -- or he thinks Gaw is being investigated?
    Why didn't Former Chief Bill Benson order an investigation of Terry like he did of Police Officer William Drossman who answered "Mike Gaw" to a student's question about the identify of the person you have to pay for a Highway Patrol job?
    From Nashville's Channel 5:
    New evidence in federal investigation of ticket fixing?
    "Sources tell Newschannel Five it's a note from Cookeville businessman Mike Gaw to County Clerk Lewis Coomer. The note reportedly says: 'take care of this but don't let the trooper know.'

    Mike Gaw
    Channel 5 photo

    In addition to Gaw, the federal probe reportedly focuses on some ranking members of the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Gaw, who contributed more than 70 thousand dollars to Governor Sundquists campaigns, has denied any wrongdoing."

    Neither man has been charged with any crime.

    Other Mike Gaw stories:

    Rumor, documents link Gaw to Cookeville Police Chief Bob Terry
    Everyone was covering for Mike Gaw. Ex-Cookeville cop says there was Booze for the chief, cash for the governor
    How could something like this happen in a town that so desperately needs to love itself?