The Putnam County Bar Association announces the results of the Association's Candidate Evaluation Poll, concerning all contested judicial races and the race for District Attorney General.

The complete results of the polling are as follows.
Highly qualified
Not Qualified
No Opinion
Best Qualified
Circuit court Part I
Anthony Craighead 5 9 79 13 6
John Turnbull 91 8 6 2 88
Criminal Court Part II
Lillie Ann Sells 20 43 33 9 26
Phillips Smalling 43 56 2 7 69
District Attorney General
Jerry Burgess 0 23 60 24 2
William E. Gibson 15 43 43 7 12
Michael Knowlton 6 46 32 23 7
Michael O'Mara 59 39 4 4 73

All 204 attorneys who practice in the Thirteenth Judicial District were mailed a ballot package. Of those 204 attorneys, 111 or 54.4 percent participated in the candidate evaluation poll. The results were tabulated by the officers of Union Planters Bank.

The poll was designed to express the collective opinion of the lawyers in the Thirteenth Judicial District Concerning the qualifications of the candidates seeking election to judicial office and District Attorney General. Similar judicial polls have been and are being conducted by the Memphis, Knoxville, Nashville and Chattanooga Bar Associations, as well as other county bar associations across the State. Such polls are conducted in the belief that attorneys, as a group, have the best opportunity to be aware of a candidate's traits with respect to integrity, competence, and temperament. 

For more information, call Craig Fickling at 931/528-6403 or Jeffery C. Jones at 931/372-9123.

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