Imagine how stupid you would be if you got all your news from the Hair-Oiled Citroën . . .
You'd probably say something like this:
Why give Byron Looper a trial at all?
Let's kill him now.
'The DA says he's guilty, so what are we waiting for? Come on, let's lynch the sum bitch. Bill Gibson doesn't need any trial to know he done it, and neither do we. He ought to know. Why, the Herald-Citizen even says someone who saw the composite drawing said it reportedly looks like Looper. I wonder what the killer's lawyer has to say now that we know the truth? Oh, yeah, Gibson got a gag order against him so he can't tell us . . . .'

You'd be so stupid:

  • You'd believe '[t]he composite drawing [of Tommy Burks' killer] has never been disclosed to the public, but reportedly it looks like Looper." Reportedly? By whom? The DA? Let's see the drawing and proof of the date it was drawn. No gag order for that one, huh? This is how the DA prosecutes his cases, apparently, feeding the Hair-Oiled Citroën self-serving information that the advertising circular runs without checking.

    Killing Byron Looper