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ALFRED LAWRENCE LORENZ, Ph.D., is professor of journalism at Loyola University, New Orleans, who combines teaching and research with the practice of journalism. He is co-author (with Prof. John Vivian, Winona [Minn.] State University) of the widely-used textbook News: Reporting and Writing (Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 1996).  Since 1987 he has been host of the weekly news-in-review program "Informed Sources," broadcast on WYES-TV, New Orleans.
His Larriness

  • Larry's Latest Letter
    In his annual message to those who aren't still mad at him about their grades, Professor Lorenz reports the shoe-color crisis is over and all is well in post-Hurricane Georges New Orleans. [Dec. 24, 1998]

    Larry Lorenz -- Mardi Gras XVII and another bag of trinkets

    New hat for LARRY LORENZ?
    Larry Lorenz has been looking into the crystal ball. Now, just being host of New Oreleans' weekly news-in-review program "Informed Sources" is small potatoes. Now. he wants the Psychic Channel.

    November 26, 1997
  • The late Justice William Brennan's Supreme Court legacy strikes at the heart of what's wrong with Cookeville's city government -- he affirmed in N.Y. Times v. Sullivan the value of a 'robust debate,' but the city government wants to crush it.
        August 26, 1997
  • LARRY LORENZ fantasizes about having fabulous perks like the inimitable clerk of courts in Putnam County, Lewey Coomer (whose parking tickets have all been miraculously forgiven.
        August 1, 1997
  • Wise men still rejoice when a paper is born
        September 1996
  •  The Constitution's language is clear enough for a $125-an-hour attorney to understand.
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