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Depositions in Marilyn Figueroa v. John O. Norquist

The complete set of Figueroa v. Norquist deposition transcripts is available on a CD-ROM disk for $50

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John O. Norquist  
Marilyn Figueroa  
Arthur L. Jones  
Barbara R. Candy  
Florence Dukes  
Jeffrey S. Hanson  
Michael Soika  
Michael Miller  
Patricia K. Stawicki  
Ruth Wyttenbach  
William L. Christofferson  
James Rowen  



















Norquist, Volume 1
Norquist, Volume 2
Norquist, Volume 3
Norquist, Volume 4








Figueroa, Volume 1
Figueroa, Volume 2
Figueroa, Volume 3
Figueroa, Volume 4
Figueroa, Volume 5












Barbara R. Candy, Volume 1
Barbara R. Candy, Volume 2












Arthur L. Jones















Florence Dukes















Ruth Wyttenbach, Volume 1
Ruth Wyttenbach, Volume 2













Jeffrey S. Hansen, Volume 1
Jeffrey S. Hansen, Volume 2












Michael Miller













Patricia Stawicki











Michael Soika, Volume 1
Michael Soika, Volume 2
Michael Soika, Volume 3











William L. Christofferson