How much will he make defending this brilliant position? 
O'Mara refuses to provide expense documents

City attorney now says his records aren't public; balks at disclosure
He would rather not have you see the evidence

Putnam Pit editor
    COOKEVILLE  (August 20, 1997) -- For nearly a year, The Putnam Pit has sought access to City Attorney T. Michael O'Mara's records to see if documents support his claims for repayment of expenses related to his official duties.
    But after dragging his feet for months, on Monday, Aug. 18, O'Mara finally drew the line in the sand. He told The Pit's attorney, Samuel J. Harris, that his records were not public.
    Yet O'Mara is paid with public money. 
    A review of O'Mara's error-prone bills to the city for legal fees, indicates that Cookeville does not require O'Mara to prove he ever ran up an expense. City Manager Jim Shipley just OKs the payment.