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Ask your children whether they know this before you decide where money should be spent.
Cookeville's Dysfunctional Binge Annexation Disorder [DBAD]
Or, How to recognize a failing police state faced with potential civil rights damages and falling revenue sources when no one wants to move there because of the corrupt government.
The Shipley Gang, in conjunction with 
TML's Risk Management Pool
and taxpayers across Tennessee present
A Federal civil rights tripleheader scheduled for Cookeville in 2001
Starring big shot Knoxville lawyers at the trough
    City government, officials faces millions in damages from complaints alleging repeated federal civil rights, employment violations 
    I guess we ran up quite a legal bill, huh? Shipley never had the guts to say.
Election links from 
Readers speak:
The Herald-Citizen asked: With nearly 300 election workers hired for election day in Putnam County, could counting and accuracy mistakes happen here? 
"Never," responded Nancy Boman, Putnam County Election Commission Registrar.
Asked why the H-C chose to interview Nancy Boman, Putnam County Election Commission Registrar, as an expert on election irregularities, Putnam Pit readers said:

President Clinton's temper flares when asked questions on Ralph Nader, death penalty, Middle East -- Story
Bad Tennessee lawyers

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