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Had enough at the trough, Mike? 

At the trough
Bad news for the Tennessee Municipal League 
It's verified!
action, that is

City Attorney O'Mara reportedly 'deflated' by new suit; can't stop federal court from observing constitutional guarantees, but shouldn't the city attorney be correcting these problems before they lead to lawsuits?
All City Manager Jim Shipley had to do was give folks a few more days and notify them of their right to appeal before he cut off their electricity. But despite one civil rights suit and publication of the possibility of more, Shipley's government insisted on continuing the illegal activity until it brought on a class action lawsuit.  -- Complaint
Time to dump Shipley and O'Mara
They've screwed up enough

Cookeville Utility customers may get justice 
after 23 years of civil rights abuses

The bad part is that people who paid their bills
will now suffer from city's crimes through higher taxes

Why couldn't Cookeville just do it right in the first place?
With all the money the city pays the city attorney, this happens?
Who is and isn't doing a good job in local government?
If raises are any indication 
Fire chief gets raise five times greater than police chief
Cookeville's Top Cop Bob Terry received only 2% increase; Schmid gets 10%
Bob Terry's raise was the smallest of all department heads in the city; his short tenure as chief has been riddled with scandals of pornography, pager sex, lawsuits and extravagant projects in praise of himselfClick for details

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