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New flag for Cookeville government?

Should Cookeville adopt this as its new municipal flag to precisely describe the O'Mara-Shipley government?

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Myron Bernard McClary, a Chattanooga attorney, has been suspended from the practice of law in this state for a period of five years by Orders of the Supreme Court entered June 11, 2001, and June 13, 2001. Document


James E. Kirby, a Nashville attorney, was issued a Public Censure by the Board of Professional Responsibility on June 20, 2001. Mr. Kirby did not file a request for a hearing on the matter. Document

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
Cookeville government: Watch how greed makes officials publicly embarrass their families by openly violating law because they are insured by the Tennessee Municipal league and are able to cheat taxpayers without accountability. Watch how constituents confuse citizenship with blind and mindless support of racketeering.

Who knows what lurks in the hearts of Cookeville officials?

Online media group withstands federal investigation
Prosecutors in Seattle simply can't stand free expression; obtain a court order to review the computer logs of Web-based social activists. Like the government in Cookeville, they don't understand that the Constitution is meant to stop idiots -- even the ones with taxpayer funded lawyers -- from violating citizen rights.  Story

John Duffy, Cookeville's civil rights defense lawyer, refuses to pay bill incurred in city's name -- read the letter

 H-C inadvertently tells the truth
 and reveals that Cookeville lied to force annexation over county residents, then failed to provide services it promised. Now, the publication's editor is trying to make it seem the liars don't understand why there's a problem. Maybe the problem is that the H-C should hold the liars responsible instead of covering up for them. Maybe this story should have held until the propagandists could contact one person from the other side.  Story

The questions raised by Judgment at Nuremberg go to the core of what we do and what we are.
What does it mean to be a lawyer, professor, or judge? Do we believe in positivism, natural law, legal realism? What do those philosophies require when one is a  participant in the Nazi legal system? What if many judges had resisted the Nazis instead of pandering to them? Could the Holocaust have been prevented?
  Michael Asimow, UCLA Law School
Judge denies Byron Looper a new trial but 

Message sent by wife of witness Joe Bond suggests ulterior motive for wanting Looper in jail Click here to read document

DA Bill Gibson -- Protecting and serving -- drunk politicians, that is
Here's to the sot!

Court Clerk's office says Councilman Harold Jackson pleaded guilty to reckless driving but drunk charge was pulled back by prosecutor 

Sen. Burks, you've had a death in your family, butWhat are you doing to stop deaths in other families?
Joe Chemo
From Cookeville, Tenn., home of LitigationFest 2001®

and the No. 1 producer of methamphetamines in the state.
The Honorable William E. Gibson,
district attorney general