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Of all the places in the world, would you move your family to or start a business in a place where:

  • murder suspects are more credible than prosecutors?
  • the city attorney escapes a malpractice suit by loopholes?
  • the local government and newspaper are seen as the least trustworthy institutions?
  • the police chief sends pornography via government e-mail?
  • "threatening to shoot a nigger" is not a citeable offense?
  • witches refuse to be identified?
  • Then Cookeville and Putnam County, Tennessee, are your logical choices.

    Poll results: Readers have more faith in Looper than in Gibson
    Byron (Low Tax) Looper
    Respondents to a Putnam Pit poll say by a 3-1 margin they have not made up their minds about whether Byron (Low Tax) Looper killed Sen. Tommy Burks, but more than four out of five participants in the week-long online survey believe DA Bill Gibson cannot be trusted to fairly prosecute the former Putnam County assessor of property.

    Click here for survey results

    Americans for Tax Reform names Sen. Bill Frist (R-TN) a "hero of the taxpayer" 

    The time in Mr. Gore's neighborhood
    10. Cops hold guns to each others' heads;
     9. Rat doo-doo in food at Spankies;
     8. Drunken city councilman;
     7. Leaking underground storage tanks;
     6. Government employees ordered  to run out of city hall when asked for records;
     5. Threatening to shoot a nigger is not a citeable offense;
     4. Pictures of public officials all over the place;
     3. Court clerk steals from prisoners;
     2. Leading producer of methamphetamines in the entire state of Tennessee, 

    . . . and the No. 1 reason people want to move to Putnam County . . . 

    Hypocrisy in government
    As American as . . .
    Police and porno
    Safeguarding community standards against obscene messages

    We don't know about you, but we sleep better at night knowing
    Bob 'Smut Boy' Terry 
    is police chief

    As American as . . .
    Booze and cash

    Media Beat 

                   BY NORMAN SOLOMON 
             Nearly five years after its purchase of ABC, the Disney Company made 
                   history in late March by subjecting a confused 6-year-old boy to a 
                   preposterous "interview." For ABC News superstar Diane Sawyer, it was all 
                   in a day's work. But former viewers of the Mickey Mouse Club had good 
                   reason to cringe. Whatever his failings, Mickey never engaged in such 
                   flagrant child abuse on national television. 

    Read the column
    Cookeville police hypocrisy
    After The Putnam Pit caught Cookeville Police Chief Bob 'Smut Boy' Terry sending sexually explicit filthy graphics  around police headquarters and to District Attorney General Bill Gibson using government computers and Internet e-mail accounts, Terry's morality patrol arrests a 21-year-old Monterey man for displaying an obscene bumper sticker.
    Cookeville Police Chief Bob 'Smut Boy' Terry

    The half the government doesn't tell you

    Trough trash of the year
    Boy, do we have a city attorney for you!
    Click here for malpractice loopholes T. Michael O'Mara has squeezed through 
    Now, his former client's dead and there's nothing he can do about the $600,000 loss, ha ha ha
    T. Michael O'Mara: 
    Cookeville Consiglieri
    of Disinformation

    Welcome to Cookeville, Tennessee - the great Hub City on the Eastern Highland Consigliere of DisinformationRim, and the seat of a derivative culture.  A provincial community intolerant of dissent and progressive ideas, Cookeville would be right at home in Pinochet's Chile, Slobo's Serbia, or Modern China.  When  Madison wrote that "Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm," he may have had the Cookeville officialdom in mind.
    Read the whole article

    Other O'Mara stories

    T. Michael O'Mara: Clarity of thought at $125 an hour
    From c.d. 'Sonny Boy' norman's Pictures at a Deposition
    Click here for more c.d. 'Sonny Boy' norman cartoons
    Cookeville and Putnam  County government employees:
    Did you know that there is Blow the whistleprotection for employees  who blow the whistle on government fraud and abuse provided by the National Whistleblower Center

    Results of Corridor J issue
    Cookeville council is less trustworthy than the Herald-Citizen


    'Trust me'

    Cookeville/Putnam County
    elected/appointed trough monkey

    Building a democratic "Real News" alternative media system in the US
    PRESS FREEDOM Conference
    Investigative Journalism, Media Activism and Democracy
    April 11 & 12, 2000 at Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus, New York City
    West 62nd Street  * Between Amsterdam and Columbus

    How can independent media open spaces necessary for democratic social change? How can journalists,  activists, and media makers build networks together that challenge corporate/ state control? How can we best produce and disseminate information that both holds power accountable, and embodies the culture of democracy, community, diversity and celebration for which we struggle?

    Project Censored in Cooperation with the Fordham Justice Project and Seven Stories Press are pleased to Project Censoredannounce a conference for media activists, First Amendment advocates, students, grassroots publishers and producers, and writers/journalists of all persuasions. The Press Freedom Conference will focus on building a democratic "Real News" alternative media system in the US - a news system that informs, increases access, builds participation, strengthens freedom of expression. Hear from journalists and writers on the front lines of
    alternative media. Find out how to link into global alternative news sources. Discover the joys of direct action in real news situations.

    Join us in New York to explore these questions and brainstorm how we can work together to strengthen independent media as our best strategy for greater democracy.

    More Info: 718. 817. 4998
    (Schedule in-progress and subject to change)

    Calling the kettle black
    How do you spell 'hypocrite,' chief?
    Cookeville Police Chief Bob 'Smut Boy' Terry
    Hey Kid, want some smut?
    Have your folks move to where Bob Terry is police chief.
    Citizens, do you know where
    your police chief is?

    After getting caught sending sexually explicit smut around police headquarters and to District Attorney General Bill Gibson using government computers and Internet connections, Cookeville Police Chief Bob 'Smut Boy' Terry's morality patrol arrests  a 21-year-old Monterey man for displaying an obscene bumper sticker.

    The Putnam Pit urges you to . . .
    Support your local trough monkey

    Be sure to give the government information about yourself for the census.

    Distribution of your tax money back to Putnam County politicians and their friends depends on it.
    'Trust me'

    Cookeville/Putnam County
    elected/appointed trough monkey
    If you were to withhold this information, like we contemplate doing, it would be more difficult for the government to subjugate you. Then you'd have to work harder to make enough money to cover more taxes to pay them to keep you under control so that you never, never challenge them again. And this is a good thing, isn't it? I mean, isn't that why you elected these people?
    There are many, many local government officials who can hardly get by on their $50,000-a-year jobs, their city-owned cars, taxpayer funded Internet access for porno browsing, free legal assistance when they violate civil rights and immunity from any standard whatsoever of professional performance. Imagine the turmoil if all these employees had to be let go and forced to enter the job market.

    Cookeville Police Chief Bob 'Smut Boy' Terry
    Cookeville Police Chief 
    Bob 'Smut-trough Boy' Terry
    If you do not send in your census questionnaire, Police Chief Bob 'Smut Boy' Terry may have to go home in his city-owned car to send pornographic email because there won't be enough federal money to allow fancy computers with hi-fi speakers for cops with all the other trough suckers upstream siphoning it off.

    And you can be sure they will just find another way to finance secrecy in government so their mistakes will go undetected by the Hair-oiled Citroen.

    If you liked Baxter,
    you'll love Cookeville

    My Methy Neighborth
    In which Al Gore says: "This is another fine meth I've gotten me in!"
    Click here for c.d. 'Sonny Boy' norman's report on current meth and buffalo conditions in Putnam County. Hit your browser's 'Back' button to return.

    c. d. 'Sonny Boy' norman graphic
    'c.d. norman is a writer and artist who carries out a tireless crusade against small town corruption in Cookeville, Tennessee. His character "Bob the GOB "(GOB stands for "Good Ol' Boy")  inhabits a cartoon/altered photograph world, just like you've never seen many.'

     Fred Wallace

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    left a job, but never returned to receive your last paycheck;
    bought stock, placed them in a "safe" place, and forgot them;
    had a distant relative who passed on, leaving an estate, but the heirs were never located.

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    c.d. 'Sonny Boy' norman graphic
    In the first four days after we distributed The Putnam Pit in Carthage, Tennessee, in time for Vice President Al Gore's trip to vote in the presidential primary, you visited this site 300 times. Perhaps your visit will alert you to the crimes that we have been reporting on for the past five years. :)
    While you're here, don't forget the possible money laundering at Bank of Putnam County! :)
    By the way, did Putnam County Circuit Court Clerk Lewis Coomer pay taxes on the money he stole? How about all that rental property he's got? Some money-making skills for a $50,000-a-year court clerk, huh? :)
    Defending Al Gore: Attorney Marshall Judd takes umbrage at Putnam Pit editorial position, suggests Al Gore is better than his Republican opponent for president.

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