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The nerve of the Hair-Oiled Citroën
Don't the Hair-Oiled Citroën and it's fluff-lovin' editor just epitomize everything that's wrong with reportage in one-newspaper towns?
Editor of The Putnam Pit

An idiot from the advertising rag had the nerve to say in an interview that The Putnam Pit wasn't journalism. How would anyone there know? They certainly don't practice it.
The fearless spokesperson didn't use his name, of course, because he is afraid to stand behind anything critical he says of anyone -- not that he has much experience at it. It's dopes like this who give journalism a bad name. They stand for NOTHING. And a cowardly journalist is the worst kind.
Let's get down to issues:
 Look at this latest piece of city-suckin' slop this advertising man has tried to serve up as news: He says . . .

Annexation 'a good deal'
Charles Denning
Hair-Oiled Citroën Staff

"Annexation may be an offensive idea to some but, to most people living on the fringes of Cookeville, it's "a good deal" in strictly practical terms, says a city official."

Sure, and robbery is better than murder, in strictly practical terms.

Now, the advertising circular has just reported there's a discrepancy with county revenue, a story The Putnam Pit reported last year and also in 1997, when we caught Court Clerk lewis Coomer stealing money from county jail prisoners.

Three years late and skittish still, the circular reports on this that "Something odd happened at the budget meeting last night. Nobody knew where the money was."

Don't the Hair-Oiled Citroën and it's fluff-lovin' editor just epitomize everything that's wrong with reportage in one-newspaper towns?

The  Hair-Oiled Citroën rarely does independent reporting on anything, but only writes what happens at public meetings -- when they're public.

We ask: Has the Hair-Oiled Citroën ever made a public records request from the County Trustee's office? Well, yes, once, when the paper was tipped off in advance about an investigation into a cardboard baler that the state audit had already reported. But  no record was sought until someone else asked for an accounting, then instructed the reporter to go get it.

But when they ran a story that early voting starts July 14, they don't mention that County Executive Doug McBroom's office purchased 71 computerized voting machines and a computerized election  management system for $243,000 without soliciting competitive bids. State statute requires competitive bids for all purchases of more than $1,000, the violation that so outraged the circular when it had to do with cardboard.  In fact, that item was in the same report state auditors disclosed the unlawful baler deal, but apparently no one of the circular's incumbent friends thought illegally buying voting machines was important -- remarkable because the machines were illegally sealed in 1996 before anyone could monitor them, giving rise to a federal lawsuit.

The reason Putnam County and Cookeville have so many civil rights violators and thieves in office is because organizations like the Hair-Oiled Citroën call themselves "newspapers." In a laughable attempt to look legitimate, the advertising circular waited until all the real papers in the state went online, then it had the nerve to call itself the "news and technology leader." There are only two categories the Hair-Oiled Citroën leads in: mediocrity and butt kissing.

If the management wasn't indebted to the DA for not being in jail, perhaps the circular would report that crimes go unpunished. And maybe they'd report annexation is offensive to people who don't want to be in Cookeville and money "strictly practical" matters may not be the only ones that frighten opponents of invasion.

If cost was the only issue, why doesn't Cookeville seek annexation from Yemen or Turkey or Mississippi?

At a time when the city is changing gas and water rates and scrambling for new money, it  lusts to annex any piece of land and drag it's tax-paying butt into the jurisdiction of its porno-web police chief and drunken city councilman. Some folks may not want the "good deal" they fight to deprive themselves of. But no reason to burden the Hair-Oiled Citroën with the reality that some people think Cookeville is not what is displayed in Chamber of Commerce brochures.

For Pete's sake, the circular asked the city employee responsible for planning annexations whether it is good!

Almost as pathetic was the story asking the district attorney general whether people who go to law school where he attended get good educations!

Hello? Is there any intelligence in there?

Read this stupid, one-sided propaganda. Is this a service to someone other than the city officials the writer apparently serves? It's like someone was caught stealing papers from the competitor, let off the hook by a corrupt DA, then made to be a good boy forever more. Shame on the Hair-Oiled Citroën.

If I worked there, I'd quit. And if I didn't I'd expect people to question my integrity from now on.

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