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It looks like Bradley is the default choice this time.

Editor of The Putnam Pit

I'd like to raise two issues here that seem noteworthy to me. One is the culture from which Vice President Albert Gore Jr. comes, and the second is the school voucher debate as it relates to the experiences of a school I visited in Russia.

1. The culture: I have published a newspaper for four years in Cookeville, Tennessee, which is in  the congressional district Gore represented and about 30 minutes from Gores Daddy's place. It is the leading methamphetamine producing area in the state. The judges are for the most part graduates of the Nashville School of Law, which is not recognized anywhere outside Tennessee. The DA is a former cop who had Ds through high school and got into technical college as a "special case" because of his contacts. He got through college taking military science -- marching around the football field is among the only As he received.

The chief of police is pals with a man named Mike Gaw who is under federal investigation for ticket fixing. The chief, who used to be head of the Drug Task Force, once told another officer that Gaw used to have enough cocaine to sprinkle on everyone in the county. The drug task force confiscated property then used the money to pay their overtime, in violation of state law. The DA didn't prosecute -- he oversees the task force.

The chief, Bob Terry,  had been a sergeant when he was promoted to chief, and his promotion was over candidates with more integrity and credentials, including a department lieutenant and a retired FBI agent.

A former chief was fired for blowing the whistle on corruption within the department.

The city schemes to hide public records. For example, when we reported that city hall workers were browsing to porno sites from government computers, and we reported they browsed for thousands of hours based on invoices from the Internet provider, the city changed providers to one that did not monitor the time spent. They set their browsers to not retain a history so their browsing cannot be monitored. Here is a page of court documents, etc.

More than 100 city employees take home cars, and only one of them is a woman.

Seven of the 10 lowest paid city employees are women, while the 11 city employees making the most are men. Just one of the top 70 salaries goes to a woman.

The DA brought murder charges against Byron "Low Tax" Looper, the unpopular Republican property assessor, for murdering State Senator Tommy Burks, his rival in a state election. But when an informant came forward and signed an affidavit in which he swore the DA wanted him to set up Looper, the informant was committed to a psychiatric hospital -- driven there by the county sheriff against whom the informant had a pending federal civil rights case. When I tried to read the informant's message to the city council, one member got up and said he didn't want to hear anything bad about the DA and threatened to walk out. Here is an interview with the informant before they locked him up in the hospital.

THIS is the culture Al Gore moved his campaign to. This is his source of political capital and it is here he will pay back those who helped him. Here is the list of contributions from Cookeville.

In my opinion, Bradley should use Cookeville as an example of the character pool from which Gore arose. If nothing else, I wish the campaign would embarrass these idiots into running an honest local government. But Gore has no control over them. THEY empower HIM. They contribute to him because they know he will allow them to continue.

2. School vouchers. Why does the state [national government] have any say in the content of education? From censorship of school newspapers to the pledge of allegiance, the state constructs minds that see in a particular way. Take a look at the experience of a Russian principal after the USSR dissolved. he was told to teach history from a human perspective, not economic.
"I don't know what that means," he said. All the books still had Grandfather Lenin's pictures in them, and were published by the Communist Party. When the government controls the content of education, it controls the people. I offer you the following link showing how test results for Putnam County, Tennessee turned out. The students do well in areas that will serve corporations, but in social science -- the understanding of how government and society works --  some schools were in the minus column. Mr. Gore's neighborhood is a great example of why the government should not have their hands on children's brains. I can understand government financing education, but not determining the content of education.

Geoff Davidian
The Putnam Pit

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