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Defending Al Gore:

Reader suggests someone from hell may not be satanic

To the editor:

You recently wrote that we should oppose Al Gore's presidential bid because he represents the type of government you suggest is run by good ol' boy local politicians in Putnam County, some of which you have criticized.

First, I should state that I do not always agree with the actions of some of our local officials, county, city and state. But I do not believe that Al Gore should be judged by the actions of any local official.1 Hank Hillian, a former FBI agent and Nashville sheriff, wrote a biography of Gore and finally stated that he could not find any "dirt' on Al Gore. After Gore was elected to Congress and as a U.S. Senator, Gore came back to the people and held hundreds of local meetings listening to the personal concerns of the voters. You don't see any of our U.S. Senators doing that now.

Mr. Davidian, this area produced Cordell Hull, the greatest statesman of all time, as the secretary of state under FDR. Albert Gore Sr. was a very important Senator for years. I don't claim that our local officials are perfect; they are not. But Al Gore represents the best alternative to the special interests who gave George Bush over $70 million to "buy" the White House."

H. Marshall Judd
105 Main St.
Algood, Tenn. 38501

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1. Then I guess you can't refer to Cordell Hull or Albert Gore Sr.