From: "David Dukes" <>
Date: Thu, January 16, 2003 9:31 pm
Subject: My Opinion

Mr. Davidian,

For several years now you have graced the citizens of the City of Cookeville with your presence and your opinion. For the record, I don't believe anyone actually requested either. You would have us listen to you, give credence to your ranting and raving. After all, you are a journalist, a newsman, you have credentials. It sounds so logical in theory. Then reality rears its ugly head. Your journalistic background is sketchy at best. If your career were a movie it would be lucky to be rated B. I think back, Walter Cronkite immediately comes to mind. I grew up watching him on the nightly news. When he told us what had happened, gave his viewpoint on an issue, it was believed. What he said became fact. Then I look at you. I realized the country counted on Mr. Cronkite to inform us of what was, and what possibly was to be. It boiled down to two words, trust and respect. Trust and respect....two words so simple, yet cutting down to the very core. My mind then turns to tonights City Council meeting. I listened as the preacher prayed, and watched as you conspicuously held your legal pad high, showing your contempt for both the prayer, and the City of Cookeville. We all remained standing and faced the flag. Everyone's hand was over their heart, reciting the Pledge of Allegence. Everyone but you, that is. You were defiant. Smirk on your face, hands to your sides. The words of the prayer echo in my mind, blessing the countless men and women that may be called to war. Called by their country. How many thousands have given their lives already. Given their lives so people like you have the right to publicly thumb their nose at God, and the country that was founded on the freedom you abuse so smugly.

So, Mr. Davidian, as an American you have many rights. Because of the Freedom of Information Act you can demand reports. The First Amendment guarantees you the right to free speech. The list goes on......But the one thing you cannot demand is trust and respect. I'm not sure you even have the ability to understand their true meaning, but the one thing I am sure of is that you do not have my trust nor respect. You are one pathetic little man Mr. Davidian.

David Dukes