Exercising their beliefs on your dime

Unable to reconcile religion with constitution constraints, Putnam County officials do what they please until someone sues them at taxpayer expense

By Danny L. Newton
Special to The Putnam Pit

COOKEVILLE, TENN. (November 30, 2002) -- I drove by the courthouse last night and spied what looked somewhat like a Nativity Scene!  It was not Danny L. Newtonexactly the traditional nativity scene. There were a couple of bales of hay, lights and a few figures that could certainly be recognized as figures from the first century middle east. This is not a Nativity Scene like Winterfest is not a Christmas celebration.

With the County ready to spend taxpayer money and the anti-Ten Commandments crowd, totaling three hard core folks, plus those willing to respond to Putnam Pit polls ready to spend  ACLU funds, this display is just another provocation  that will eventually lead to a court battle.  When the county withdrew it's support of the Ten Commandments, it did not end the matter. The county support for the Ten Commandments only was something that strengthened the hand of the ACLU. Later, look for another statement of support for the entire educational display that contains the Ten Commandments as one of several components.

 When tax money is used in these battles, it is hard to see how anyone can say they  won.  Certainly the taxpayer looses, regardless of which side the taxpayer is on.  I suspect that this battle would not be fought if the hard core individuals on both sides had to spend their own money on this. Danny L. Newton