Knoxville workers propose Cookeville boycott



"Alesa" <>




Fri, January 10, 2003 2:45 pm


You go, Geoff!!!

A bunch of us former co-workers in Knoxville are discussing the Smoak

incident and various other first hand accounts of Cookeville police

brutality on our listserv. One of our unhappy band recalled your site from

several years ago. Thanks for offering a public forum in which to vent and

search for solutions.


In my opinion, nothing gets the attention of good ol' boys until they feel

it in their back pockets. Therefore several of us propose an economic

boycott of Cookeville. Not that many Knoxvillians drive from here to there

as a destination, but there is a heck of a lot of interstate traffic between

our cities. At best Cookeville is a place to grab a quick meal, hit the

restroom and get back on the interstate toward our ultimate destination.

But if enough people, through heightened awareness made possible by forums

like this, refuse to spend one cent in Cookeville, they might get the

message that they need to clean up their act.


Folks reading this, please do your part to put the hurt on this backwards

city administration by refusing to spend one red cent in Cookeville until a

shakedown of its corrupt administration is delivered on and a report made

available to the public.


For what it's worth, here are my comments on the petition.


"The dog shooting incident is an embarrassment to this state. The people

demand a prompt investigation and MEANINGFUL sanctions for all responsible

parties in this tragedy. Officials of Cookeville must be held accountable

for this and many other incidents of undue force by law enforcement if they

are to gain the public's trust. Judging from numerous accounts of incidents

prior to the latest injustice, these police officers are nothing more than

thugs in blue. I and others who are outraged by these incidents have vowed

an economic boycott of Cookeville and are advising our associates to avoid

stopping there when traversing the state."


Thanks for your good work, Geoff. We know that the corrupt administration is

not reflective of you nor the great majority of Cookevillians who have to

put up with those ignorant, power-hungry yocals every day.


- Alesa Rottersman

Knoxville, Tennessee