Signatures on the petition to investigate Cookeville and Putnam County as of 7:10 p.m., April 27, 2003

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Geoff Davidian
maggie wharton  
Lewis Tommaso  
richard amaral   its been a long time comming  praise GOD
Tammy Thompson I was a victim of document changing
Debora Dunn  a county ran and used up by the same people for too long.
kermitt morgan   we need this looked into
Tammy Church
Karen Smith
Jane B. Smith  
 Herman Clark
Michael A Quarles PLEASE Look into this!
Jenny Hamilton We have no justice here . We have plenty of greed and corruption. Please check into this.
Tabitha Pemberton This is the year 2002, I thought that the good ole' boy system went out with the era of prohibition.
Gary Threet  
christine ladd  
Patrick N. Pointer  Jerry Abston-Bill Terry-Steve Copeland-Ricky Shelton; Whos the biggest ASS?
Dennis Thomas
John Dailey  I'm retired and from another state.
Kathy Burch
Lewis Tommaso Mayday@charter.ney Excellent start by ridding ourselves of the diseases called "Coomer" and "Abston"
richard amaral  i believe the court sytem should be investigated
Heidi Hilton
William A. Drossman
Colleen Davis  
William M. Frasier Let's add false arrest and murdering of family pets by paid city employees to the list, shall we?
allen fredrickson  just watched the pet slaying video on Good Morning America.  It's well beyond time to stop this unamerican activity!!!!!!!!!
Richard Wallace What if anything could I say at this point?  I think their actions have said it all.
Susan Randolph  
Rhonda Templin  Get a firing squad for the pet murdering cops
Robert A. Leonhardt  that dog story makes me sick.....   damn rednecks
Rick Gentry I've seen the video. I've read the stories. Someone should be fired for making this situation more dangerous than it had to be. I am truly outraged and will NEVER vacation in Tennessee again, a place where my family just spent more than $2,000 in Gatlinburg last summer. Never again. Not until someone does something about the Cookeville PD.
Eric Detwiler Terror is not a job of the police.  And that is what these officers did.
John Floyd, Jr.  just shameful!
Jacob and Yvonne Decker  If this policeman cannot react properly to a dog, his behavior towards citizens worries me. We saw the video clip several times and his ultimate reaction to the nonthreatening gestures of the dog was unwarranted. 
Giovanna Colosi your corrupt city has become national news
Paul Deavereaux  I endorse this wholeheartedly
Randall Kelley  
Joe Taylor Every state in Amerika is becoming a Police State
Tim Ketner Please do this quickly, this is not the first problem in this city.
David Cabana
Carol Johnson stop the lies and do the right this trigger happy cop the the THP who laug hed about it.
Todd Karpovich Eric Hall is a disgrace to law enforcement.
Mildred C. Griggs  We should not have to be in fear of the people who are supposed to be protecting us
John Harris  Officer Eric Hall must be terminated immediately
Les B. Labbauf  
Mike Hartsky Assign a special Prosecutor immediately
Tom Briles  
Stephanie McGowan Hello!  I was astounded to see the piece on the Today Show this morning of one of your city's officers shooting an innocent animal with no was obvious from the video that the dog was wagging his tail and made no aggressive action toward the officers.....any adult knows that an animal likes to smell a new person to get to know them......Take Action and reprimand this officer and make a statement to the rest of America.....this inhumane trigger-happy action should not be tolerated! 
Wayne Jenkins I hope the Smoaks take Cookeville for everything it's got.
Raymond L Koenig
Don Yelton   in light of the incident at Cookville please look deeper
Alesa Rottersman  The dog shooting incident is an embarrassment to this state. The people demand a prompt  investigation and MEANINGFUL sanctions for all responsible authorities in this tragedy. Officials of Cookeville must be held accountable for this and many other incidents of undue force by law enforcement if they are to gain the public's trust.  Judging from numerous accounts of incidents prior to the lastest injustice, these police officers are nothing more than thugs in blue. I and others who are outraged by these incidents have vowed an economic boycott of Cookeville and are advising our associates to avoid stopping there when traversing the state.
Rev. Charlene Zvolanek The actions of these "officers" shame their fellow police. The shooter deserves to lose his job for his careless, reckless, cowardly behavior. After being told numerous times by family members that there were dogs in the car, after the officers LEFT THE DOORS OPEN, and a dog emerged from the car, the officers should not have been surprised. The video clearly shows that the dog was not threatening the officer. The officer is likely to kill human subjects if allowed to remain on "the force." There MUST be CONSEQUENCES. THe taxpayers should not have to bear the financial burden that will cone from the promised civil lawsuits, the officer should have to pay personally. Perhaps we should kill his personal pet while he lies handcuffed on the ground beside the squealing, bleeding beast.
William F Robinette  Should buddies investigate buddies? I don't think so.
Trevor Johnson Gov't officials ought to be held to a higher standard
Steve Crager
Ed Bain As a Tennessean, I am embarrassed that the police in Putnam county are comporting themselves in a dangerous matter. This should be investigated pronto. Thanks.
Mace Soul Hang him. 
Clint Yokley     The shooting of the dog was the last straw. These guys are obviously good ol boys who will cover up anything.
James Thompson   Punish Eric Hall Please.
Kristi Cantor
Matt Bilbrey Please!!!!!! This is Crucial!!!!!!
Erica Simonsen   What the cop did was too the extreme- Elvaulate the situation and react , not the other way around.  A pet is like a human and cant be replaced.  My heart goes out to the family.  I have 6 dogs myself- Hall would have had to kill me to if he shot my dog for no valid reason
Jim Miles  We don't need PUNKS with a badge
Chris Carlisle   I'm disgusted. DO SOMETHING NOW!!!!!!!!
Shannon Matney Something need to be done about this department! My futute brother in law was also killed in Putham County Jail. Something needs to be done about all the in justice coming out of this police departament.
Bill Carlisle, Jr.  They seem to be quite good at shooting family pets while playing Miami Vice. May the pigs rot in hell. They give law enforcement a bad name.
Christopher Stiles  The Jan 1st shooting is just another notch in their belt.  Makes me sick to live in this state
William Duncan
Ben Burke The dog's tail was wagging!
Elisa J. Jenkins  
Henry Baker   I will NEVER step foot in Tennessee after the atrocities committed on the Smoak family. NEVER.
Sallie Allen
Richard Rybinski This police officer Hall should be fired.  I will not vacation in Tennessee again.  I have been going to Nashville and Memphis yearly for the past seven years.  Never again.
Leonard James Beck  Please, do not let this slide
Todd Crow  
Dale Grover
Charles Ferrell The police call recent tragedy in which an innocent familys pet was shot and killed a "snap decision"!  How stupid a statement is that?  In a profession where lives are routinely placed in the hands of officers, "snap decisions" need to be "snapped" out of existence.  The numerous human victims wrongly killed by police must also fall under the "snap decision" blanket.  I am a service man and routinely enter homes where angry dogs are present and I've yet to be bitten and I've certainly never killed a dog.  The police knew the dog was in the vehicle and had it safely contained but despite the owners pleas to "don't let my dog out", they still let the dog out (and killed it) instead of using common sense to safely remove the dog or let the owners do so.  That is no "snap decison", that is a  STUPID and CRUEL decision!!!
Doug Miller There must be something done
Casey Markee
kevin Graham Please don't let this be swept under the rug.
Robert S. Shields  Considering a visit to Tennessee in 2003, waiting for resoluiton of this matter before deciding.
Robert A. Hunsicker
Jeff Lemon  I have cancelled my family's April trip to Nashville. There's $2500 bucks your state won't see.
Lance H. Pelkey Eric Hall should not be permitted to carry a firearm.  Desk job? NO JOB!
Sandra Johnson  My stepson died in the Putnam county jail.
Carl Green There seems to be a history of incompetence...that's what worries me.
Warren Gammel I hope we can keep this story on the radar screen for as long as possible.  Not only for the sake of the Smoak family, but for the sake of all us who know the Cookeville Police Department is not by any means a rare exception and that similar police corruption and abuse is going on all over the United States.  The best way to end corruption and abuse is to EXPOSE it.
Matt Bilbrey Finally a light at the end of the tunnel!!!
HZ Steirman
gretchen mahnkopf
jims steel
april mahnkopf
Ina kleinsimlinghaus
Rebecca Rotzler
Paul Herrmann sad state of affairs......This is not a police state!
Larry Miller
Tony Cornejo  While I understand that an officer's job is dangerous and procedures need to be in place to minimize that, what I witnessed seem to shift all the risk on the person being pulled over. Not good when the person being pulled over is an innocent citizen.
Deborah Harris I want a thorough investigation of the city managers office
David Herman  These officers should be fired. Especially the one who looks into the car and states 'There's a dog in here' and just leaves the door open. Good Lord! What if the dog had not attacked the police officer? What if it had run out into oncoming traffic and caused an accident which in turn could have caused human fatalities? These people need to be disciplined and harshly!
Chyna Brackeen Until action is taken against the officer who shot the Smoak's dog; until proper animal handling training is put into effect at the Cookeville Police Department; until an official apology is made to the Smoaks; and until the Cookeville Police Department is thoroughly investigated for wrongdoings - until then, I will be boycotting Cookeville.  I urge others to boycott Cookeville as well - when traveling through Putnam County, do not stop or spend any money in Cookeville.  Only after there is a financial impact will the town's government take action
Martin Walker
Daniel Collins
Flo and Tom Joseph Think you should probably line them all up and shoot them rather than some poor dog!!!
Ami Massengill This rampant abuse of public service has gone on for far too long.  I am outraged.  My tax dollars deserve so much more than this blatant and atrocious abuse of power.
Nathan Gaude
scott salter post haste
Chuck Lehman Time to clean up the mess and restore some dignity to the honest citizens of Putnam County and Tennessee.
joe kiszczak after seeing the tape, i would never step foot in tennessee, your cops are a joke, and obvious lack not only proper training but common sense as well
Sheila Bender
Nancy Bates What a shame
Sigrid High This should never happen again!
Chester J. Werner  Just do the right thing.
Tim Knight
Jessica Hatton  I was not made aware of your counties predicement until the unbelievable actions of Ofc. Hall durring what should have been a routine traffic inquiry . I feel for the citizens of your county and my heart goes out to the victimized family , yet if the officer in question or any other officer for that matter had caused my family and my dog to be the victim because they were trigger happy we in central GA would have shone him the true meaning of the good ol' boy pollicy . GOOD LUCK !
Sheli Noumi  I cried when I saw this, mostly because I just recently traveled that exact same route with my dogs (boxers) and now realize that could have been me and my husband, and my dogs, and my children witnessing the Fourth Amendment of our beloved Constitution die along with the dog.
Emily Wright
Jill Cape There is NO APOLOGY ACCEPTABLE for shooting an innocent dog. It's the same as shooting an innocent child. Video is proof and a slap on the wrist is not sufficient punishment. Take away that officer's badge and especially his gun. Period
Kenneth Fluharty This is wrong and should not be tolerated. We should not have to fear the police
Andrew Gardner Do your job, and do it right!
Rita Elliott The dog incident was cruel and NOT called for, please investigate and bring this criminal to justice, yes I said criminal!
Misty Hartman As a Law Enforcement Officer myself I am deeply saddened that this kind of corruption really goes on!!!!
Nancy H Let's kill his dog and see where it gets us at the end of the Day...    Jail?
Billy H. Landers I was stopped on the interstate in Putnam county and charged with a speeding violation ($27) and taken to jail to pay immediatly or stay in jail.
Fred H Rascoe
John Mayer
REBECCA SOUBRA REBSOUBRA@AOL.COM The Shooting of Patton the Dog is Very Disturbing
Hugh Barber
John You people make me sick. You complain of people violating your rights but you sit there in your chairs and violate others rights with the almighty belief that you are right. Plus all you do is follow a liberal media and have no idea how to think for yourselves. Do everyone a favor and mind your own business. You have no clue about the constitution or what freedom really is. Try a little independent thinking before you believe everything you hear on tv. But then again, I guess thats asking too much from people like you.
jeremy rogers  in regards to the dog shooting
Vicky Baucom
Brett Reed  I am outraged by the treatment that those police officer dispensed upon that innocent family and the senseless killing of the family dog.  Perhaps such a horrible tragedy will be the wake up call for people who care about law and order to fully investigate the corruption of Cookeville and it's surrounding environs. I live hundreds of miles away from Cookeville TN and the tales of political corruption reach even to South Carolina.  Please let there be someone in the state of Tennessee who cares about justice and clean house.
David C. Suttles Shame, shame!
Shirley Breeding Officier Eric Hall is a disgrace to the law enforcement and should be terminated immediately
Jim Morgan Shameful! They asked over and over to shut the doors,  anyone could see the dog was not threatening and it was shot out of pure meaness. That takes one sick, cruel SOB who has brought great disgrace upon Cookeville, Tennessee and police in general. Anyone who attempts to defend him is just as guilty. All one has to do is view the tape. It's all right there. They cooperated, ask that the doors be closed, dog harmlessly  wandered out of the vehicle and the thug blew it's head off for kicks. Like some gestapo death squad! I hope the Smoaks sue, the killer's career and live is ruined and he burns in hell. Anyone who claims to have a soul and serve the people should see that justice is done. No excuses.
Michael T. Dougherty  
Terri Summey  this officer needs to go ASAP, he is sick
John Reber  The spirit of Barney Fife is alive and well in Tennessee as demonstrated by the actions of the THP and the Clarksville police department.
Jason Paschal
Peter M. Kwiat Turnabout is fair play. Lock Officer Hall in an 8x8x10 cage with three pit-bulls and now weapon except his bare hands.  Only go in when they got him by the throat.  Sorry, but I'm not taking my family to or through Tennessee EVER!
Maura Stewart
Suzanne Carty  
William A Rose JR  I saw the video, there is no excuse.
Chloe Elaine Adams This is so long overdue!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Hodges
Ted Paxton This town has some serious problems!
Ann Cochran  I hope something is done about the officer who shot the family dog and put the family under false arrest. What will they do next?  What if it had been a child?
Helen Ogles
Tye Zdrojewski What's their motto?  ..."Guilty (w/o regard to common sense) until we realize what idiots we are."?  It REALLY doesn't take much brains to acknowledge that the people you are terrorizing are begging you to close the vehicle doors so the dogs don't get out!  Freaking DUUUUHHHH!!  I'm sure it doesn't take the full attention of 4 to 6 ARMED officers to detain a family of 3!  "Hey, somebody close that door" is all it would have taken.  I will forever avoid Tennessee in all of my travels.
kathleen owens Officer Hall panicked and used poor judgement in the execution of this dog.  I believe he needs to gain experience in understanding dogs body language before he senselessly murders a FOURTH dog.  Perhaps community service at a pound or shelter would benefit him greatly.  It's obvious he has a fear of dogs and uses his ability with a gun to quench that fear.
Tom Taylor put the cop in jail
Carol Cremeans Cookeville, you will have your opportunity to see if justice is done.  America is watching.  If you don't, I believe there will be Hell to pay.  Something must be done before something like this happens to the rest of us.  I've had these same types of run-ins with small-town Barney's.  They don't want the truth out even when it's on video for the world to see.  Why couldn't that SOB have shot the dog in the foot or someplace where it would not have died.  I believe he is used to shooting animals in the head.  And, if it is true that he is smiling about it, he definitely should be taken off the streets.  He is very, very sick.
Terri Lee This is one of the most disgusting events I have EVER heard of.
Beth Neal Carey Curran This man doesn't need to have a badge - Eric Hall undermines the public's faith in law enforcement and is a liability to the Cookeville Police Department and the entire state of TN.
Alberta Morris
Diane Nevitt
Annie Touchstone In the interest off all Tennesseans, Please Fire Eric Hall and officer Andrews immediatley
Josh Touchstone In the interest off all Tennesseans, Please Fire Eric Hall and officer Andrews immediatley
Tricia Haggard In the interest off all Tennesseans, Please Fire Eric Hall and officer Andrews immediatley
Kathy Haggard In the interest off all Tennesseans, Please Fire Eric Hall and officer Andrews immediatley
  Bill Haggard In the interest off all Tennesseans, Please Fire Eric Hall and officer Andrews immediatley
Jim Dixon The evidence of lawlessness among Cookeville Police and Officials is evident and compelling. Failure to act would be unconscionable.
Mary Miller The city of Cookeville and their actions on Jan. 1 are a disgrace to this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Talk about terrorrism.....Cookeville seems to be a worse place to live than Afgahnistan.
Michael Helton There is a serious concern that corruption is going on in Cookeville,Tennessee government
don caldwell eric hall should be fired and never be allowed to wear a badge or carry a gun again--ever!
Supercoat he knows it was not right.
Vicky Baucom Im scared! Truly frightened that officers of the law can do such things and get away with it. As a victim of excessive force in the past, which took me years to get over and truthfully to this day I am not over it. I'm constantly terrified by cops. I obey the law and never speed if I can help it. But it seems you don't have to be doing anything wrong to be pulled over. I was pulled over about a year ago for no reason. When I asked the officer why I was being pulled over, he claimed they were randomly pulling people over. He asked to search my car and of course I said yes. Finally he said "you can go". All I could think was, what if he had planted something in my car to make a bust. And he easily could have. Thank God he didnt. Again, Im terribly frightened of police officers and I hope I never get pulled over. I will be afraid for MY LIFE.
Kirk Powers Stop the dirty cops game
Becky Correia
Barbara A Pearl This city is a thorn in the state of Tennessee.  What they did to the Smoak's pet and the family was a nightmare at best.  The officer who shot is only the tip of the iceburg.  The policy or lack of them on use of weapons, and more  is a disgrace.  Mayor Womack, City Manager Shipley, and Chief Terry need to be carfully checked for their own actions.  There are no professionals in office in that town, it appears to be a Good ole boys gang that does as it wants.
Ron Woodard Iím responding to the dog incident, I watched the video and anyone with common sense could have recognize the dogs tail wagging, therefore not a threat.
Raye Lynn Phoebus I am outraged at the treatment of the  Smoak family and the unecessary murder of their dog.  The police officer's acts are completely indefensible.  Upon learning even more about the Cookeville Police department's members unprofessional, out of control and dangerous antics, and of the disturbing record of the murderous minded animal control officer, I will do everything I can to see that animal lovers everywhere demand that something be done!  Cookeville needs a good house-cleaning - it is the kind of town that gave the South a bad name - that it really doesn't deserve!
Ken Hamilton The Cookeville Police Department needs to be investigated from top to bottom.
Jack MIller If I,m on the Jury I will destroy Cookeville financily and then these cops can  get a real job loading trucks or something that the are qualified for.
Robert Deason This is what happens when the police are trained like Gestapo!
Sergio Guillen-Pantoja
Karen Bazur I am sickened by the reports of police abuse and and corruption in Putnam County.  Is this not America?  Do we not have rules against this kind of behavior?  Then why are they not enforced?  Or is Tennessee wanting to secede from the USA?  Then you, sir, by your inaction become guilty.
Rachel The only one I have found to have acted agressive in the murder of Patton Smoak, are the officers. I am sick of people holding God's other creations to a lower standard than humans.  Animals have unconditional love, unlike the human species. I am outraged that the police force pride themselves in the canines that serve on the force, and then turn around and murder another. There may not be justice on earth, but there will be justice in heaven and someone will answer for taking the life of Patton, and for trying to cover it up and trying to justify his death to the public with one lie after another. The Bible says, Be sure your SINS will find you out.
David The entire Cookeville police department needs to be ripped out and replaced and a good portion of the Cookville city council as well -- not only for this, but for many other disgusting crimes against society that have magically fallen into silence.  I have never been more ashamed of my hometown!  Get rid of the CROOKS and COWARDS!!!!
steve wakefield The incident involving the Soak family and its aftermath are truly an embarassment not only to the state of Tennesse but to competent law enforcement officers everywhere.
Adam An investigation is long overdue. House needs cleaning from the top down. Get rid of all the incompetent criminals posing as police officers
Teresa Dramer Hall needs to be fired and prosecuted. Travelers should avoid Tennessee altogether!!!
Douglas Miller This government need major reforms.
Diana Lees Officer Hall needs to be punished for taking a life. He obviously has poor judgment and is violent to make an impulsive decision to murder an innocent dog. Cookeville needs to do the RIGHT thing here.
Scott Smith Born here but raised in Texas thank God!  This town and its public officials are a joke to the nation.  This one horse town and the majority of the police department need an attitude adjustment.
Beth Knuth mknuth@kconline All officers involved in the killing of Patton should be fired.  Use the training on new officers.
Brent Ashley What happened to the Smoak's is a travesty! Personally I hope any impending litigation bankrupts the officer and city for their callused response to this incident. They are the worst examples of Tennesseeans.
glen doenitz Somebody needs to clean this town out, don't forget to flush and put the seat down when done.These cops make the inbreds in deliverance look like brain surgeons.geez...
Simona Drentea
Kathy Housewright Add killing of Patton
Mary Miller This city needs to be stopped!!!!!!!!
Alisa Brown
e.roberts became interested in cookeville because of patton's murder.  cannot get the pictures of the tape shown on tv out of my head.  such sickness should be stopped.  i will never feel safe around a cop again.  expecially with my three l5 year old terriers.  dear god (dog) do unto eric hall as he has done. 
Cynthia Sorrell Sparta Police and government need an eye on them as well!
Jason Paschal Do not let government crimes go unpunished.