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Cookeville Councilman Henry:
Do you know what we're hungry for?
Maybe the Corridor J fiasco will illustrate the point
Man does not live by croissants alone
In Dwight Henry's  campaign to unseat State Rep. Jere Hargrove, perhaps some vision and reform will help.    Story

It looks like Bradley is the default choice this time.

Editor of The Putnam Pit

I'd like to raise two issues here that seem noteworthy to me. One is the political culture from which Vice President Al Gore comes, and the second is the school voucher debate as it relates to the experiences of a school I visited in Russia.

Government -- but whose?

Mr. Shipley, we respect your decision to make Bob Terry Cookeville's chief of police.
  At a time when police around the country are corrupt and out of control, we sleep better at night, thanks to you.

Thank you City Mismanager Jimbo Shipley, for not letting professionalism get in the way of your choice for chief of police. By removing written test requirements for advancement, promoting a chief from within the ranks and in every possible way doing the stupidest thing, you have ensured that we never have to worry about missing a disaster like this. After all, your success and the advancement of you and your friends is all any of us cares about. Never mind the little injustices. In the end, they are not as important as your happiness.

Do you know this man? Why not?
Thank you for showing us how you waste money on photographs of bureaucratsThe federal government has been spending millions on public relations [propaganda] so you know people like Deputy Treasury Secretary Stuart Eizenstat.
Do you care who this man is?  Do you need to see Al Gore and Bill Clinton's faces in post offices? Do you need to see Cookeville City Mismanager Jimbo Shipley's picture on the Internet and in the Cookeville Police Department? Why do people you pay think you want to pay more in taxes so they can show their faces in places that will benefit them or the government at your expense? Why don't they put up your picture? You're paying the photographer.