That dang ol' Constitution thing ain't worth a bucket of warm spit in Cookeville, thanks to the
Shipley-O'Mara-Terry Axis of Incompetence

'The only good sacred cow is medium rare with fries.' -- Dog X

The Putnam Pit
[No bull]

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Not nice places if you value human rights

Unpleasant as the dickens Cookeville -- unpleasant as the dickens

'Howls of outrage'

As with his other failed schemes, Cookeville City Manager Jim Shipley claimed to be pro-tourism and commerce and spent tens of thousands to censor critics telling the truth about his gang; but in the end, it was Shipley's own  attempts to retain the incompetent status quo and his refusal to impose any minimum standard of performance, along with City Attorney Mike O'Mara's unconstitutional, billing-fueled bad advice frenzy,  that explain in the following pages . . .

How Jimmy Dale Shipley destroyed Cookeville

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