The City wants you to move your business to Cookeville. But first, read this and ask yourself . . .
Is Cookeville a police state? Take our new poll.
  • First, they listened in on all personal phone calls placed from the Cookeville Police Department lobby.
  • Then they took secret pictures of reporters.
  • Then, they put cameras in the police lobby to monitor you in the building.
  • Then, they put cameras in police cars so they could film you getting a ticket, but they were never available to you if you wanted to prove the police were wrong.
  • Then, they put cameras on the streets so they can monitor where you walk and drive.
  • Then, they started destroying and hiding records of what they did.
  • Then, they squandered tens of thousands in legal fees to keep citizens from knowing where government employees browse on the Internet while at work.
  • Then they ignored it when Chief Bob Terry sent pornography to DA Bill Gibson.
  • The government annexes everything within sight, like a heroin addict in need of a fix
  • Now, Cookeville City Manager Jim Shipley sends small, secret files to your computer to get information about you over the Internet.
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