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Is someone from DA Gibson's office violating a court-imposed gag order by positing anonymously to a Looper discussion group?

  • gettingalltheguilty writes: i think we should just let loop go. don't you?

  • He couldn't have killed him. Why in the world would such a great guy do such a thing? Looper, the smartest man in the world. Looper the most hardworking, loyal, dedicated tax assessor Putnam County has ever seen. GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK! LOOPER IS A STUPID, LYING, JERK. No one had anything against Looper. DA Gibson didn't give a crap about who was running the tax assessor's office. Why does all the Looper lovers seem to think the whole world revolves around Looper?
  • yellowbird responds: Now we're getting somewhere, with getalltheguilty to tell us something concrete. Why do you say that DA Gibson didn't care who was running the tax assessor's office? How do you know? Why do you say Looper is a liar? How do you know? You don't seem to be making logical deductions from the *known* facts so you must have some other information. Tell us what you know. 
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